How do I cancel my NBK credit card?

How do I cancel my NBK credit card?

The customer will need to submit a notice for closure at NBK branch. Account will be closed automatically at the end of notice period. The total balance and interest will be transferred to the customer’s settlement account.

How do I change my NBO mobile number?

In case you change your mobile number, please call the NBO call center on 24770000 or visit your nearest NBO branch to update your contact details.

What is flexible payment fee NBK?

There are two ways to pay for the credit card: in monthly installments or one full payment. Paying in monthly installments will have extra charges associated that are called “flexible payment fees.” Paying the full amount is free and no extra charge is required.

How do I block my NBK ATM card?

If your card is lost or stolen, contact the NBK Call Center immediately at 1801801 when calling from within Kuwait and dial +965 2224 8361 when calling from abroad. NBK Call Center will immediately block your card from unauthorized transactions.

Where can I find NBK Capital in Kuwait?

Watani Investment Company (NBK Capital) 38th Floor, Arraya Tower II(Salhia Real Estate Co.) Al-Shuhada Street, Bldg 6, Blk 7. Sharq, Kuwait. P.O. Box 4950 Safat. 13050 Kuwait. Tel: +965 2224 6900.

How do I contact NBK?

NBK – Contact Us Get in touch instantly – anytime, from anywhere. NBK agents are available 24/7 worldwide. You can call, email or visit us at hundreds of contact points.

Where is the National Bank of Kuwait located in Kuwait?

National Bank of Kuwait Kuwait City, Kuwait P.O.Box 4950,Safat, 13050, Tel: (+965) 2224 6900 Fax: (+965) 2224 6904/5

How to contact National Bank of Kuwait Sak Saudi Arabia?

National Bank of Kuwait SAK (Saudi Arabia) NBK Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Jeddah – Al Khalidiah District Al Mukmal Tower P.O.Box 15385 Jeddah 21444 Tel : (+966) 12603 6300 Fax : (+966) 12603 6318 Back National Bank of Kuwait (International) PLC 13 George Street, London,W1U 3QJ, UK NBKI Tel: (+44) 207 224 2277

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