How do I change ownership of a Welsh Pony and Cob Society?

How do I change ownership of a Welsh Pony and Cob Society?

1. An application for transfer shall be correctly completed and submitted to the WPCSA with the original certificate of registration and appropriate fee upon every change of ownership of the registered Welsh Pony or Cob. 2. The transfer application must bear the signature of the last recorded owner.

What is the difference between a Welsh Pony and a Welsh Cob?

In contrast to the Welsh pony (Section B), the Pony of Cob Type is heavier, more coblike and compact. They have a moderate amount of feathering on their legs. The Welsh Pony of Cob Type first resulted from cross-breeding between the Welsh mountain pony (Section A) and the Welsh Cob (Section D).

What is the difference between a cob and a pony?

In general terms, cobs are larger than ponies, standing 14.2 hands (58 inches, 147 cm) or taller, but are relatively small and compact, usually with somewhat short legs. The rulebook of the British Show Horse Association (BHSA), states: “The Cob is a type rather than a breed.

What does a green horse passport mean?

A green passport means the stallion is approved by the irish sport horse studbook, a blue book means it’s on the list of stallions but not 100% approved, i.e. his wind is wrong or never passed his x-rays etc and is classed as a secton one (S1) stallion, a white book means there is no breeding recorded, hope this is of …

How do I update my horse passport?

In the event of any changes, the passport will need to be updated. Therefore, the owner must contact the relevant Passport Issuing Organisation to notify them of their change of address within 30 days. If the passport has been issued by the BHS further information is available from our change of address page.

How old do Welsh cobs live?

around 35 years
The life expectancy of a Welsh pony is around 35 years.

When did the Welsh pony and cob become a breed?

In the 1880s, Welsh ponies were being imported to America, so the Welsh Pony and Cob Society of America was established in 1907 to serve as a breed registry. In the 1950s, interest in the breed grew, and it eventually became one of the fastest growing equine breeds in America.

What happens if I Lose my Pony and Cob Society passport?

If the original Passport issued by the Welsh Pony and Cob Society has been lost, the registered owner can apply for a duplicate passport from the Society.

What is a Welsh Cob?

From the youngest sibling on a leadline pony to Dad on a Welsh Cob, the Welsh breed offers something for everyone. Welsh Ponies and Cobs are extremely versatile and compete at all levels of equine sports.

What is a Section D Welsh cob pony?

Section D features Welsh Cobs that are more than 13.2 hands high. The head will showcase the same delicate features that are found on all of the Welsh Pony types. However, these animals will also have strong hind legs and quarters that result in the outstanding Cob action.

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