How do I change the database in a pivot table?

How do I change the database in a pivot table?

You can change the data source of a PivotTable to a different Excel table or a cell range, or change to a different external data source. Click the PivotTable report. On the Analyze tab, in the Data group, click Change Data Source, and then click Change Data Source.

Where is my pivot table data coming from?

Locate the Source Data Follow these steps, to find the source data for a pivot table: Select any cell in the pivot table. On the Ribbon, under the PivotTable Tools tab, click the Analyze tab (in Excel 2010, click the Options tab). In the Data group, click the top section of the Change Data Source command.

How do I update a pivot table in laravel?

There are many ways to update the pivot table in Laravel. We can use attach(), detach(), sync(), and pivot attribute to update the intermediate table in Laravel.

How do I change dynamic data range in a pivot table?

Following are the steps to create a dynamic range.

  1. Go to → Formulas Tab → Defined Names → Name Manager.
  2. Once you click on name manager you will get a pop-up window.
  3. In your name manager window click on new to create a named range.
  4. In your new name window, enter. A name for your new range.
  5. In the end, click OK.

How do I change the data source for a pivot table in Excel 2016?

In the Data group, click on Change Data Source button and select “Change Data Source” from the popup menu. When the Change PivotTable Data Source window appears, change the Table/Range value to the new data source that you want for your pivot table and then click on the OK button.

Why is pivot table not showing all columns?

Method #1: Show the Pivot Table Field List with the Right-click Menu. Probably the fastest way to get it back is to use the right-click menu. Right-click any cell in the pivot table and select Show Field List from the menu. This will make the field list visible again and restore it’s normal behavior.

Why is my data source reference not valid?

When working with pivot tables, we sometimes encounter the error “Data source reference is not valid”. Most probably, the reason for the error is one or more of the following: Excel file name contains the characters “ [ ” or “ ] ” or square brackets. The data source refers to a named range with invalid reference.

What is wrong with my pivot table in Excel?

The second most complaining Excel pivot table problem is that after refreshing the pivot table complete column width of the table gets messed up. If you don’t want that your pivot table column width and cell formatting mess up after refreshing the pivot table data then perform the following option settings.

Why are my pivot tables not refreshing data?

Problem 1# Pivot Tables Not Refreshing Data 1 Tap anywhere inside your Pivot Table as this will display Pivot Table Tools on your Excel ribbon. 2 Hit the Analyze and then Options button. More

How to show items with no data in pivot table?

Make a right-click on the pivot table item and tap on its Field settings options. After the opening of the Field Settings dialog box, you have to hit the Layout & Print tab. Make a check across the check box having the text ‘Show items with no data’. Click OK. I hope this article seems helpful to you.

How to recover data from corrupt Excel pivot table?

Tap anywhere inside your Pivot Table as this will display Pivot Table Tools on your Excel ribbon. Hit the Analyze and then Options button. From the Data tab present in the Excel ribbon, choose the check box ” Refresh data when opening the file”. To recover corrupt Excel pivot table, we recommend this tool:

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