How do I complain to BT about broadband speed?

How do I complain to BT about broadband speed?

How to complain directly to BT. BT’s customer service team is on 0800 432 0137. You can also complain via online chat or e-form here – you’ll need your customer account number. Alternatively, customers can write to BT Correspondence Centre, Providence Row, Durham, DH98 1BT.

Why is my BT broadband running so slow?

Different things can cause a computer to slow down, which can give the impression that your broadband is slow. This includes: Running lots of programs at once, insufficient RAM, web browser add-ons and too many startup programs.

Can I complain if my internet is slow?

If your broadband is not achieving the speeds promised you need to contact your provider. You can call or write to your provider and explain that you are not getting the speeds you were promised, or that the statements it made to you before you signed up were ‘misrepresentations’.

Can BT improve my broadband speed?

During the trial, BT will unlock faster speeds at your home. If you decide not to upgrade to a faster broadband package, BT will automatically switch your connection back to the previous package for no extra cost.

What is my BT speed guarantee?

The Stay Fast Guarantee refers to the speed from the network to your BT Hub. To reliably test your speed, you must be using your BT Hub and our speed tester. For help you can call us on 0800 800 150. When running the test, we’ll check there isn’t an underlying fault causing any issues.

How do I complain about poor broadband?

How to complain about broadband

  1. Speak to your provider. The first step is to get in touch with your provider’s customer service and make them aware of the issue.
  2. Escalate the broadband complaint.
  3. Accept the resolution or request a deadlock letter.
  4. Complain to the ombudsman.

Why is my WiFi so bad in the morning?

Because your ISP doesn’t have enough capacity to handle the traffic at peak hours. When everyone else goes online you are sharing their limited capacity with everyone else. 2. You are using WiFi and when everyone else gets home you get a worse WiFi connection.

How do I make a complaint about BT Broadband?

If you cannot reach a satisfactory resolution with BT, you can submit a complaint to the ombudsman. Each provider is a member of one of two ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) schemes; for BT Broadband, you need to contact Ombudsman Service: Communication .

How can I tell if my broadband is slow?

Test your speed using the My BT app, where you can find the ‘Speed to your Hub’ and ‘Speed to your Device.’ Different things can cause a computer to slow down, which can give the impression that your broadband is slow.

What happens if I can’t improve my broadband speed?

If the fault is within our control and we can’t improve your speed, you’ll be able to exit your contract without paying a charge for cancelling it early. This includes your phone line, broadband and TV, but not BT Mobile. And you’ll also be able to claim a £20 pre-paid card, whether you choose to leave us or not.

What is the stay fast guarantee for BT Broadband?

I ordered BT Broadband or renewed my BT Broadband contract on or after 1 March 2019 If you ordered BT Broadband or renewed your BT Broadband contract since 1 March 2019, you’ll get the Stay Fast Guarantee or minimum download speed we quoted when you placed the order.

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