How do I connect to MQ client from MQ?

How do I connect to MQ client from MQ?


  1. Check the TCP/IP connection. From the client, enter one of the following commands: ping server-hostname. ping n.n.n.n.
  2. Set the MQSERVER environment variable. From the client, enter one of the following commands: On Windows: SET MQSERVER= channelName /TCP/ server-address ( port )

How do I check my MQ client connection?

Diagnosing The Problem

  1. Make sure you have a Queue manager running and a Listener running on the MQ server. Note what port the listener is listening on, the default is port 1414.
  2. Run the telnet command.
  3. Additional MQ connection test.

How do I use MQ client?

Setting up the client using IBM MQ Explorer

  1. Select the queue manager, QUEUE.MANAGER.1.
  2. Open the Channels folder, then right-click Client Connections > New > Client-connection Channel…
  3. Enter the channel name, CHANNEL1 , for the client connection, and click Next.
  4. Enter the queue manager name, QUEUE.MANAGER.1.

How do I start Windows MQ client?


  1. Access the IBM MQ installation image.
  2. Locate setup.exe in the Windows directory of the IBM MQ installation image.
  3. Double-click the Setup icon to start the installation process.
  4. Continue to follow the instructions as shown on screen.

How do I identify MQ client connections and stop them?

MQ client applications can connect to a queue manager through a transport type of “client”, instead of “bindings”. WebSphere MQ runmqsc, MQ Explorer and SupportPac MS6B (chstat script) can be set to identify connections of this type, and stop them.

What is a MQ client?

An IBM MQ MQI client is a component that allows an application running on a system to issue MQI calls to a queue manager running on another system. The output from the call is sent back to the client, which passes it back to the application. An IBM MQ server can also support local IBM MQ applications.

How do I start MQ client in Linux?


  1. Log in as root, or switch to the superuser using the su command.
  2. Make your current directory the location of the installation file.
  3. Run the script.
  4. If you have multiple installations on this system, you must run crtmqpkg to create a unique set of packages to install on the system:
  5. Install IBM MQ.

What is IBM MQ client?

How do I configure a client connection with IBM MQ?

The MQ Connection properties are available on the following MQ nodes: You configure a client connection by configuring the connection channel and listener on IBM MQ , and setting the MQ Connection properties on IBM App Connect Enterprise. On the machine that is running your IBM MQ queue manager:

How do I set MQ connection properties in a policy?

For information about the MQ connection properties that you can set in a policy, see MQEndpoint policy. Select MQ client connection properties to make a client connection to the queue manager by explicitly specifying the connection details of the target queue manager. Specify the following connection properties for the target queue manager:

How do I configure a remote default queue manager for IBM MQ?

For information about the properties that you can set in a policy, see MQEndpoint policy. For independent integration servers, you can configure a remote default queue manager for interactions with IBM MQ, by specifying the name of an MQEndpoint policy in the remoteDefaultQueueManager property in the integration server’s server.conf.yaml file.

How many TCP/IP conversations can be shared on the IBM MQ channel?

The number of conversations that can share a TCP/IP connection is specified by the SHARECNV property on the IBM MQ channel, and the default for this property is 10. If too few shared conversations are defined on the channel, errors can occur when the MQ node attempts to connect to the queue.

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