How do I connect to VCM 2?

How do I connect to VCM 2?

Click on the “Device Selection” tab located at the top right corner of the IDS screen (see Figure 1: Device Selection Screen). If the “Device Selection” tab is not visible, connect the VCM II to the computer using the USB cable. 9. Select the VCM II that you would like to connect to.

How do you reset a Ford VCM 2?

​Shut down the IDS application if it is running. Disconnect the VCM II DLC cable from the vehicle. Disconnect the VCM II USB cable from the VCM II and PC. Remove the rubber boot on the VCM II that is opposite the DLC connector to expose the Recovery Mode Switch.

What is Ford FJDS?

FJDS is a flexible diagnostic tool that utilizes standard computing platforms to work with Ford’s VCM II or J2534 compatible devices. The cloud-based system ensures the technician is provided the latest software every time FDRS logs into the Ford network.

What is Ford Fdrs software?

Ford Integrated Diagnostic Software (IDS) The Ford IDS and FDRS software is the only software that provides complete diagnostic coverage, including module programming and key programming of 1996 to current and future Ford and Lincoln vehicles.

How do I install a Ford ID?

Click on “Install” to start the installation process or “Download only” to save the update to PC. Once the software update installation is complete, the “Installation Completed” screen will appear. Click “Finish” to complete the process. Once the software update is complete, you must restart IDS.

What version of Ford software is applicable to the Ford VCM II?

This version of Ford software (v2.3.85.7) is applicable to the Ford VCM II Note: this version will co-exist with M-VCI software version on the same PC hard disk drive. Click on the .exe file above and follow prompts to download.

How do I connect my VCM II to my vehicle?

Insert the supplied D-Link wireless adapter into an unused computer USB port. A Windows “Pop-up” may appear if the device driver is being installed. 4. Connect the VCM II to the vehicle using the DLC cable. The VCM II’s wireless feature is enabled when connected to the vehicles 16-Pin DLC connector.

Is there a VCM II Wireless User Manual?

VCM II Wireless User Manual Copyright © 2012 Ford Motor Company. The information, specifications and illustrations in this manual are based on the latest information available at the time of printing. Ford Motor Companyreserves the right to make changes at any time without notice. VCM II Wireless User Manual

How do I connect a vcmii to IDS?

Obtain a functioning IDS system with a working wireless adapter. Launch IDS and navigate to the Wireless Device Manager screen using the double arrow icon in the top right corner of IDS. Establish a connection with a VCMII and set that VCMII as your wireless default by checking the Wireless Default Check Box as shown in Figure 1.

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