How do I contact Gati KWE?

How do I contact Gati KWE?

Contact Us

  1. Gati-Kintetsu Express Pvt Ltd.
  2. Tel: 040-71204284, 27844284.
  3. Fax: 040-23112316.
  4. E-mail : [email protected]
  5. Web :
  6. Call us on : 1860-123-4284.

Is Gati a private company?

Gati Ltd. is an Indian logistics company, headquartered in Hyderabad, Telangana….Gati Ltd.

Type Public
Revenue ₹1,711 crore (US$230 million) (2019-20)
Subsidiaries Gati-Kintetsu Express Pvt Ltd. Gati Kausar India Ltd. Gati Import Export Trading Limited Gati Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.

Is safexpress is IBA approved?

The company is on the approved list of the Indian Banks Association. It imbibes the basic values of customer orientation and the custodian role far beyond the role of a carrier alone. It has a large fleet of more than 300 modern vehicles mounted with ISO 9001 certified all weatherproof containers.

How do I complain to Gati?

How to find Gati-KWE office near me?

Find the GATI-KWE office nearest to you; just simply add the pin code of the area or the desired location name then the contact details of the GATI-KWE office will be displayed along with the services available at the location Get an Estimate Log in Toggle navigation Call for Pickup (Dialing from India only) Call for Pickup 1860-123-4284

Where can I find Gati Kintetsu office?

Contact Us Gati-Kintetsu Express Pvt Ltd. Plot No.20, Survey No.12, Kothaguda, Kondapur, Hyderabad-500084 Tel:040-71204284, 27844284

What is Gati-KWE?

Gati-KWE – Locate Us | Express Distribution &Supply Chain Solutions – GATI-KWE – A leading Express Distribution and Supply Chain service provider

What is the history of GATI company?

Gati Profile. Gati, founded in 1989, is India’s pioneer in Express Distribution and Supply Chain Solutions, with a strong presence in Asia Pacific region and SAARC countries, along with an extensive network across India providing timely deliveries to 19,000 pincodes, covering 672 out of 676 districts in India.

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