How do I control my VST MIDI controller?

How do I control my VST MIDI controller?

You can use the Quick Control option from the Device Setup menu to configure your MIDI device, to modulate the various settings of a VST instrument, or any type of track. To start using this feature, open the Device Setup and select Quick Controls under the Remote Devices Folder.

What is generic remote in Cubase?

Generic Remote is an empty MIDI mapping for some MIDI Controller. Mapping means that you press some button on a MIDI controller, and a DAW does some action, like track creation or playing from the beginning.

How do I assign MIDI controls in Cubase?

Select the parameter to which you want to assign a MIDI controller. Below the list, click the MIDI Learn button to the right of the MIDI assignment pop-up menu. Use the knob or fader on your MIDI device that you want to assign to the selected Note Expression parameter. This control is now automatically assigned.

Can you use console 1 Fader in Cubase?

You can control volume, pan, sends, solo, and mute in Cubase directly from Console 1 Fader. Take things even further with tactile control of drive, character, and filters. And for those of you with large track counts, Layer Mode allows you to assign and mix layers of tracks right from Console 1 Fader.

What is console 1 Fader?

Console 1 gives you the ability to add the analog sound quality of shape, EQ, compression, and drive to your channels in Cubase. Select from a favorite classic channel strip, or customize your own to match your creative needs. 3. Control Cubase and improve workflow with Console 1 Fader

How can I improve my cubase performance?

Control of volume, pan, solo, and mute in Cubase is just the start. Sending to return tracks for reverb, adding drive to distort a loop, filtering sounds while launching scenes, and grouping tracks with layer mode takes your creative potential to a new level. It is your music, so decide what setup is best for you.

How does the console 1 work with Cubase?

The Console 1 ecosystem is totally integrated with Cubase to give you tactile control and take your inspiration to a new level. This getting started video will take you through the steps to get setup and creating music in just a few minutes.

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