How do I create a path profile?

How do I create a path profile?

Path Profile/LOS Tool

  1. Press and release the left mouse button at the position where you wish to start the path.
  2. Left click to add vertices along the path.
  3. Right click on the last location in the path profile to complete selecting points and display the Path Profile/Line of Sight dialog (pictured below).

What is the GREY line on a path profile?

The lower dashed grey line indicates the elevation specifically at along the path of the profile line.

What distance is a path profile usually not required?

Where changes in path elevation do not exceed 600-800 ft, a basic elevation scale of 100 ft to the inch will suffice. For a path profile involving hilly country, 200 ft to the inch may be required. Over mountainous country scales of 500 or 1000 ft to the inch should be used.

How is path profile calculated?

Calculating Path Profile Studies

  1. In the Start Location window section, click Add / Query. The Country and Band Selector window is displayed.
  2. Specify a country and a frequency band, and click OK.
  3. Specify a radio.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Repeat the steps for the End Location.

How do I export from Global Mapper?

Load the file(s) required into Global Mapper by clicking File > Open Data Files… Click File > Export > Export to Vector/LiDAR format… For exporting to shapefile only, in the File Selection tab, select Export Areas, Export Lines, and/or Export Points. Browse to your saving location and name the file(s).

How does GREY line propagation work?

Grey or gray line propagation is a form of HF radio propagation apparent at dawn and dusk where signals travelling along the line are heard at much higher strengths.

What is radio line of sight?

Radio transmission requires a clear path between antennas known as radio line of sight. Line of sight is the direct free-space path that exists between two points. Using binoculars on a clear day, it is easy to determine if visual line of sight exists between two points that are miles apart.

How do you find the equation of a line between two points?

Checking Line of Sight#

  1. Use the ruler tool to measure the distance between the two points.
  2. The ruler tool will show you the distance and the azimuth between the two points.
  3. Click ‘Save’ on the ruler tool.
  4. Go to the ‘Altitude’ tab on the line properties.
  5. Change ‘Clamped to Ground’ to ‘Relative to Ground’

What is Global Mapper used for?

Global Mapper is the perfect application for visualizing, editing, and analyzing Lidar or point cloud data of any format. Out of the box, the software supports point clouds of virtually any size and offers tools to utilize this data efficiently and effectively.

What does GREY line mean?

Filters. The narrow band of dusk and dawn that separates the areas in daylight from those in darkness throughout the world.

Can I export path profile information for use with Google Earth?

A: With TAP6.0.2259, or later, including the 3DDisplay Moduleand a Maintenance Subscriptiondate of September 30, 2008, or later, you can export path profile information to a .KML file for use with Google Earth. Note that all values in this example are for demonstration purposes only.

Is it possible to draw a sweep path in 3D?

Drawing a path in 3 dimensions for a sweep is not possbile. However it is possible to use pick path. You pick a path from another object to use that as the sweep path.

What is the difference between profile face and profile edges?

A Profile Face operation creates a simple contour path from one ore more selected faces of an object. A Profile Edges operation creates a simple contour path from selected edges. Press the Path Profile button. Select the Path → Profile option from the menu.

What does the profile tool do?

The Profile tool creates a contour operation based on selected features of the model. The tool was introduced in version 0.19. It offers three operations that were handled by separate tools in previous versions. All operations create objects that are made to be part of a Path Job . These are the available operations:

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