How do I find my military lodging?

How do I find my military lodging?

All reservations must be made through the Central Reservation Center: 800-GO-ARMY-1 (800-462-7691) (commercial: 256-313-2790, DSN: 897-2790). For more information see the Army Lodging website or our Army Lodging information page.

Can veterans stay at base lodging?

Service members, veterans with a service-connected disability, retirees, and their family members can stay in military billeting on a space-available basis on most U.S. military bases around the world. The DoD Lodging website has links to the Air Force, Army, and Navy lodging policies.

What is Navy Gateway Inns & Suites?

Navy Gateway Inns & Suites (NGIS) is military lodging with accommodations for transient military and authorized civilian guests on orders. It also accommodates leisure travelers on a space-available basis. Complimentary amenities include:

Why stay at NGIs Naples?

Navy Gateway Inns & Suites (NGIS), “Creating comfortable guest services for those we serve…Today and Tomorrow”, supports the fleet, fighter and family by providing quality facilities, lodging and services for a mobile military community. NGIS at NSA Naples is a 122 room mission-support facility supporting our transient guest.

How do I get to NSA Naples from Naples Airport?

From the NSA Naples main gate, continue to follow the road for about 10 minutes and turn left at the street between the Child Development Center and the east parking garage. The NGIS is straight ahead. Taxi service is available. Airport pick-up at NGIS available through Muto Travel +39 339 1618395.

Where is Naples located?

– Naples is the third-largest city in Italy, located in the Campania region in the southern part of Italy. It’s about two hours south of Rome. It lies between two notable volcanic regions, Mount Vesuvius and the Campi Flegrei.

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