How do I get a stock trading mentor?

How do I get a stock trading mentor?

One place would be your local investing group. Most cities have groups that meet regularly to talk about trading, investing, and the stock market in general. These groups often have long-term members with deep market knowledge and varied backgrounds who are more than willing to help less-experienced traders.

Who is the best mentor for trading?

Trendy Traders mentor Pranjal Prasad awarded as one of the “Best Stock Market Mentors” Mentors are essentials of life for people who ever wants to grow in all aspects of life. There is a huge shortage of good mentors when it comes to financial knowledge especially in Indian Market.

How much does a trading mentor cost?

Compare the Best Day Trading Courses

Day Trading Course Pricing
Bullish Bears Best Value $49 per month
Asia Forex Mentor—One Core Program Best for Day Trading Forex $997 then $118 per month
Tim Sykes Trading Program Best for Day Trading Penny Stocks $150 per month
Udemy Best for Educational Content Starting at $11.99

What is a trading mentor?

A trading mentor is someone who can help you through the process of understanding the market. Mentors are like teachers — they can help you narrow your focus and even share trading strategies. And the really good ones teach you to think for yourself.

Who is humbled trader?

Shay, better known as Humbled Trader, is a Canadian day and swing trader. She first gained popularity through her YouTube channel. In less than 2 years of making youtube videos, she reached 500.000 subscribers.

Do you need a mentor in trading?

Whether or not you should enter a mentorship program depends on your level, your learning style, and most importantly, your profitability. If you have been in the stock market for some time but you still are not as profitable as you want to be, chances are, you need a mentor.

Why you need a trading mentor?

Usually, all successful traders agree that the stomach-wrenching losses they encountered in the early stage of their trading careers trained them to respect risk and market. Again, this points to the necessity of getting a mentor who can help you navigate the markets without bleeding from self-inflicted wounds.

Who is Shay Humbled Trader?

Shay, aka Humbled Trader, is a Taiwanese Canadian living in Vancouver. She immigrated with her family in the early 2000s from Taiwan when she was around 12 years old. Shay began trading part-time while she was working in the Film & VFX industry.

What nationality is Humbled Trader?

The Humbled Trader is a Canadian stock trader and her real name is Shay. Hailing from Vancouver, Shay has created an educational day trading community to help bring like-minded traders together.

Is Warrior Trading Real?

Warrior Trading’s new WT Simulator platform is a real-time trade simulator with a powerful learning device. It was designed for day traders to practice in a simulated, or paper trading, environment with tools, charts and indicators.

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