How do I get my HSBC mutual fund statement?

How do I get my HSBC mutual fund statement?

HSBC mutual fund sends the account statement to its customers through post or on their email. Also, people can access their Account Statement on the distributor’s or company’s portal by logging into the website if the transaction is done through an online mode.

Is HSBC good for mutual funds?

Part of HSBC Securities and Capital Markets (India) Private Limited, HSBC Mutual Funds is one of the leading AMCs in the investment market of the country. Being a part of the 7th largest bank in the world, it offers international quality investment options and services to prospective investors across the nation.

What is the best HSBC fund?

HSBC MF Top Rated Funds

  • HSBC Large Cap Equity Fund Direct-Growth.
  • HSBC Managed Solutions India Growth Fund Direct- Growth.
  • HSBC Equity Hybrid Fund Direct – Growth.
  • HSBC Regular Savings Fund Direct-Growth.
  • HSBC Large Cap Equity Fund Direct-IDCW.
  • HSBC Managed Solutions India Growth Fund Direct- IDCW.

What is the best NAV for mutual funds?

Equity Hybrid Debt Solution Oriented Others Filter

Scheme Name Plan NAV
ICICI Prudential Thematic Advantage Fund (FOF) – Direct Plan – Growth Direct Plan 137.1936
Kotak Global Emerging Market Fund – Direct Plan – Growth Direct Plan 24.102
Edelweiss US Value Equity Offshore Fund – Direct Plan – Growth Direct Plan 26.2592

What is a white listed fund?

*Whitelist Funds (WL) are mutual funds which have undergone internal assessments by HSBC India and are accorded specific Product Risk Ratings (PRR). Such mutual funds are offered to Customers to invest, both pursuant to investment planning discussions and on a ‘Do it Yourself’ basis on our online platform.

Are HSBC Portfolios good?

A spokesperson for HSBC defended the firm’s “good track record of delivering appropriate and well-priced multi-asset solutions”….HSBC Fund Shortlist with total charges.

HSBC Global Strategy Adventurous Portfolio 0.46%
Threadneedle Managed Bond 1.13%
Threadneedle Managed Equity & Bond 1.23%

What is HSBC GIA?

The Global Investment Centre is an investment service provided by HSBC UK Bank plc through which you can open a General Investment Account or an ISA Account, or both, and invest in Funds.

Is low NAV better than high NAV?

It is, therefore, irrelevant how high or low the NAV of a fund is. The amount of your investment remaining unchanged, between two funds with identical portfolios, a low NAV would mean a higher number of units held and consequently a high NAV would mean a lower number of units held.

When was the HSBC mutual fund company founded?

Top Performing Hsbc Mutual Funds Mutual fund HSBC Mutual Fund Founded 27 May 2002 Incorporated 12 December 2001 Sponsors HSBC Securities and Capital Markets (Ind Trustee Board of Trustees, HSBC Mutual Fund

What is HSBC India asset management company?

HSBC India Asset Management Company is the investment arm of HSBC Global in India which deals with mutual funds and portfolio management services. Launched in 2004, it has attracted thousands of investors because of its brand name and worldwide presence.

What is the total corpus of hdhsbc mutual fund?

HSBC Mutual Fund serves more than 1 million customers through its 1000 plus offices spread all over India. It operates with a total corpus of Rs. 11553.0387 Crore as of 2019, and offers 103 different types of schemes under three types of options, equity, debt, and product add-on funds.

What is HSBC AMC India?

HSBC AMC India offers a range of mutual fund products to retail as well as institutional investors that are based on comprehensive research methodology and cater to a variety of financial needs such as wealth creation, liquidity and growth. HSBC AMC’s Equity Mutual Funds are designed for investors looking for long-term investment options.

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