How do I get my Kenwood out of test mode?

How do I get my Kenwood out of test mode?

Press the [Control knob] to quit the Demonstration mode when the message “CANCEL DEMO PRESS VOLUME KNOB” appears (approx. 15 seconds). Turn the [Control knob] to select the “YES” and then press the [Control knob]. The Demonstration mode can also be canceled in the Function Setting mode.

How do I connect my iPhone to my Kenwood car stereo?

Connect your iOS device to the Car Receiver via USB cable. For Multimedia Receivers: Go to Setup • Select “App Setup” Page 7 KENWOOD Remote App User Guide| 5 • In Device Type Selection, select “iPod/iPhone”, and press “Change” • Select “USB 1-Wire” and press “Next” • Select your mobile device, and press “ok”.

How do I connect my iPhone to my Kenwood stereo?

Step 1: Turn on the Bluetooth of the iPhone or iPod touch first. Step 2: Connect an iPhone or iPod touch to the USB terminal. Step 3: To pair, press the volume knob once you have confirmed the passcode. The receiver has now been connected to the device.

How do I pair my KDC x7?


  1. Press [ Ú ] to enter Bluetooth mode.
  2. Turn the volume knob to select BT TEST MODE, then press the knob. “PLEASE PAIR YOUR PHONE” appears.
  3. Search for this unit from the Bluetooth device.
  4. Input the PIN code (“0000”) in the Bluetooth device.
  5. Press the volume knob.
  6. Press [ Ú ] to exit pairing mode.

How do I pair my phone to my Kenwood KDC X998?


  1. Select “Settings” > “Pairing” > “Phone Selection” (to select the cell phone) or “Audio Selection” (to select the audio player) using [Control] knob. “(name)” appears.
  2. Select a Bluetooth device using [Control] knob. ‘*(name)’ or ‘-(name)’ is displayed.

How do I pair my Kenworth radio?

Pairing Bluetooth Devices with Kenworth Radio

  1. On your device, such as Apple or Android phone, access the Bluetooth options typically found in the settings menu.
  2. Turn the Kenworth radio on.
  3. Access the Bluetooth programming menu on the radio by pushing and holding the phone button.

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