How do I get my Zio Patch results?

How do I get my Zio Patch results?

Here’s how it works

  1. Wear. the monitor. Your healthcare provider will prescribe a Zio monitor.
  2. Note any. heart symptoms. If you feel anything that you think might be unusual, press the top of the Zio patch.
  3. Return the monitor. by mail.
  4. Review the results.

What is Zio suite?

The patient. management portal built for efficiency. Whether you’re a physician, a member of the cardiac monitoring team, or an administrator, we made ZioSuite just for you. And we created it to save you time so you can spend more of it caring for your patients.

How long does it take to get Zio monitor results?

The report will be available to your doctor usually between 2-4 days after the device has been received.

How do you cover a Zio patch in the shower?

After wearing it for a few days, the adhesive starts to change in texture and feel “gunky”. It starts to look “gunky”. To avoid something really gross after the end of a couple of weeks, I started using athletic tape and plastic bags to tape over the Zio while I was in the shower. That helped preserve it.

Can I take Zio Patch off early?

based in San Francisco, USA. The Zio Patch has been created to monitor your heart rhythm for 2 weeks. The patch simply sticks to the your chest, over your heart, and can be easily peeled off once you’ve finished using it.

How much does it cost to wear a Zio Patch?

The Zio patch is more expensive than older monitors: about $360 for Medicare versus $100 to $150 for Holter monitors, King said. The higher price can occasionally cause trouble with insurance reimbursement, though Gerstenfeld estimated about 80 percent of insurance companies cover the patch.

How long do you wear Zio Patch?

How long am I supposed to wear the ZIo® XT Patch? Wear the ZIO® XT Patch according to your directed wear time but no longer than 14 days.

Can Zio Patch detect sleep apnea?

BOSTON – Results of a definitive clinical trial show that a new, disposable diagnostic patch effectively detects obstructive sleep apnea across all severity levels.

How accurate is the Zio Patch?

The long-term Zio monitor detects over 99% of arrhythmias in 14 days compared to only 47% captured by short-term Holter monitors in 2 days. The latest clinical study validates the Zio monitor’s superior data accuracy.

How do I get an explanation of benefits from iRhythm?

For any questions about iRhythm’s patient payment programs, please call 1-888-693-2401 to speak with an iRhythm patient advocate. An Explanation of Benefits (EOB) will arrive 3-6 weeks after you have mailed back your Zio monitor at the end of your test period.

How do I pay for my iRhythm subscription?

To pay online with a credit card, visit We accept: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. To pay by check, please make checks payable to iRhythm Technologies, Inc. and include your account number on the check.

What is the iRhythm financial assistance program?

iRhythm’s generous Financial Assistance Program is an income-based tiered program that encompasses patients with a household income up to 400% of the Federal Poverty Level. The application process does not begin until you receive a bill from iRhythm.

Is iRhythm covered by insurance?

IRHYTHM IS HERE TO HELP YOU AFFORD THE CARE YOU DESERVE. iRhythm is committed to enabling better patient outcomes while providing an easy monitoring experience. Zio XT is covered by all major commercial insurance providers in the US and Medicare due to its proven ability to help your doctor make confident care decisions.

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