How do I get to Horlais peak?

How do I get to Horlais peak?

To get to Horlais Peak, zone into Ghelsba Outpost from West Ronfaure at (E-4). In Ghelsba Outpost, head north until you reach the bridge at (H-5). Take the bridge across, and enter the hut at (H-8). Follow the bridge located at the back of the hut to zone into Fort Ghelsba.

Where is Horlais peak?

Horlais Peak is the highest mountain, towering above Fort Ghelsba. It is home to a Burning Circle where instanced battles may take place, with the proper orb provided.

Where is Ghelsba outpost?

Location. Ghelsba is located in the northwestern reaches of Ronfaure, dangerously close to the San’dorian capital. The area is very hilly, with a complex series of caves running through it.

How do you get to the Ghelsba outpost?

In Ghelsba Outpost, go to the hut around (F-9) and click on the hut door. You will be given the option to enter a BCNM, so when you’re ready, choose “Save the Children.” You will then have to choose between “Force it Open” and “Give Up.” Select “Force it Open” to begin the battle.

What are the best teleportation services in Shadowlands?

Perhaps one of the most useful teleportation services, Atmacite Refiners will teleport players to areas where that person is eligible to initiate a Voidwatch battle for a cost of 200 cruor. This is a list of where these NPCs can be found.

How do I teleport to a specific region’s outpost?

Players are able to teleport to a specific region’s Outpost from their home nation if they have previously done a supply run to the area under their current nation’s allegiance, and meet a certain level requirement on their current job.

How much does it cost to teleport?

You are able to teleport using either full price via gil or 10% of the cost in Conquest Points. If the Super Kupower Thrifty Transit is currently active, teleporting is free of charge.

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