How do I install Sims 3 with disc?

How do I install Sims 3 with disc?

Put your game disc into your DVD drive and follow the instructions on-screen. If the game installation doesn’t start automatically, double-click on your DVD drive in My Computer to start the installer. Put your game disc into your drive, and follow the instructions on-screen.

How do I get Sims 3 to work on my PC?

Go to My Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 3….Find help here when The Sims 3 isn’t working on your computer.

  1. Find the game tile for your expansion pack in the Store on or in the Origin client.
  2. Click on it to open the game details.
  3. Click on System Requirements to see the minimum requirements.

How do I reinstall Sims 3 on Origin?

If you need to reinstall something, or something you’ve bought does not download automatically, find it in the Origin client and click Download. If you’re playing on PC, use The Sims 3 expansion and Stuff pack manager to choose which expansions and Stuff packs you play with.

Why is my Sims 3 not opening?

Re: Origin won’t launch Sims 3 First, please delete or remove any Sims 3 game folder you currently have in Documents\Electronic Arts. (If there’s content you want to preserve, just move the folder to your desktop.) Disable OneDrive completely, at least for now. Run Origin as an admin again, and try to launch TS3.

How to install Sims 3 on Steam?

You should not of installed it using steam then, you should of used Origin. Also try this: -go to your steam library. -right click on Sims 3 found on your game list. -scroll over the menu that appears. -left click the thing saying CD Keys. -Find the code for the game and type it into the origin launcher.

How to reset the Sims 3 to default settings?

3.6 Reset Your Game 1 In your computer’s Documents directory, find the folder for Electronic Arts. 2 Inside it, locate the folder for The Sims 3. 3 Rename this folder to something else (for example, rename it to Old The Sims 3 ). 4 Now try to start the game and see if it runs properly.

How to fix service initialization error (0x6224dd27) in Sims 3?

If you have been getting 0x6224dd27 at start up here is what you have to do to fix it. Service Initialization Error (0x6224dd27) follow these steps to fix it. 1.) Cut The Sims 3 Folder from the EA folder in my document (That has your games) 2.)

What’s wrong with the Sims 3?

For all we love The Sims 3, there are things in it that could be handled better. Bugs in the game can mean that your saves will not load, and can cause lag and crashes — they can even cause your computer to overheat. Below, I’ve listed some of my favorite mods that try to help correct the worst problems in the game.

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