How do I know if my spa pump is bad?

How do I know if my spa pump is bad?

Symptoms of Spa Pump Failure There are several signs of hot tub pump failure: Humming noise from motor not turning, frozen shaft, bearings or impeller, or defective starting capacitor. Whining noise from worn bearings. Leaks under the pump from a failure of the pump seals.

Who manufactures Aqua Flo?

by Gecko
Aqua-Flo by Gecko.

Do I have to drain hot tub to replace pump?

Shut off the Water: Most circ pumps don’t have isolation valves on either side; slice valves that can be closed to shut off water, although common on jet pumps and on high flow circ pump systems. You can drain the spa to make the repair, if you need to drain anyway, but it’s not necessary.

Why is my hot tub pump not working?

Check that your power is on, the breaker or GFCI test button are not tripped, all valves are in the open position. Follow the circ pump plumbing, and look for any kinks in the hose. Pull out the cartridge filter to see if flow improves and the circulation pump is doing better.

Why is my hot tub pump noisy?

The most common problem that could occur when a hot tub hums is an air lock in the hot tub. Another common issue is an increasingly noisy hum from your pump. This issue could be derived from many different reasons which are not as easily detectable as the air lock problem.

Why choose a waterway executive 56 spa pump?

Durable Waterway Executive 56 Spa Pumps are simple to install and provide years of trouble-free use. Because of our huge buying power, you’ll pay less for a complete new hot tub pump (motor & wet end) than some others charge for just a replacement motor.

What kind of motor does the waterway 3721621 have?

The Waterway 3721621-1D 4HP 230V 2” Intake 2-Speed Executive 56-Frame Pump features an executive wet end designed specifically for 56-frame motors. Two double shielded ball bearings with moisture resistant grease for quieter operation and longer life is another feature.

How long is the warranty on a waterway pump?

Thank you for submitting your review. This is not an assembled or aftermarket pump. It is a brand new OEM Waterway pump with a 2 Year warranty on motor and 3 year warranty on wet end. The pump you order needs to say Waterway or it is not the genuine article

What is the difference between a 48 frame and 56 frame pump?

Note: Because of their lower cost and compact size, most spa pumps in service are 48 frame. The larger 56 frame motors are a little more expensive and somewhat stronger. They tend to operate a bit cooler than 48 frame units, which can mean longer service life.

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