How do I make my phone Play music on hold?

How do I make my phone Play music on hold?

To activate your cell phone music on hold, you simply press the pound key twice.

How do I change the hold music on my Avaya phone?

On the Manager application go to the System and select the Telephony tab. You then need to select the sub tab “Tones and Music”. On this screen you can see the section Hold Music and the first option is to choose the System Source. If you drop down the option box you can see the three different options.

What is the music playing while on hold?

Music-on-hold (MOH) refers to the practice of playing recorded music to replace the silence that would be heard when telephone callers are placed on hold.

How do I play music on my Avaya phone?

Place a call on hold and listen while adjusting the volume, clockwise. If you do not hear music at any setting, refer to Music/Tones On Hold (#602) to be sure that the Music On Hold setting is selected.

How do I set up hold music?

To upload your own On Hold Music, go to Settings and select the Hold Music tab. Click Change Music and then Upload New Music to add your own on hold music or use one of the Grasshopper provided options. If you do upload your own, you’ll be prompted to name your file and then proceed to upload the file.

Can you listen to music while on hold?

A. No. Music on hold messages will work with almost any phone system, but for sure it will NOT work with “call waiting”. If you have call-waiting, you must remove it in order to use a music message on hold.

How do I put a hold sound on an Avaya IP Office?

Adding Music on Hold Files

  1. The file must be of the following format and must be called holdmusic. wav.
  2. Rename the music file holdmusic. wav.
  3. Using a card reader, copy the file into the /system/primary folder on the System SD memory card.

Where can I get on hold music?

Where to find hold music

  • Spectrio | Listen to fully licensed music samples as well as voice samples for a friendly and professional on hold message.
  • Melody Loop | All of the music on Melody Loop can be licensed for on hold usage, but they have a set of tunes ideal for this very case.

Where can I find hold music?

How can I make my hold music sound better?

Tips For Better Sounding Phone On Hold Music

  1. Be sure to use custom voice tracks on hold.
  2. Avoid dynamically variable music.
  3. Test different hold message and music volume levels.

What audio files does Avaya Aura work with?

Avaya Aura TM systems work properly with .wav files CCITT G.711 µ-Law / CITT G.711 A-Law encoded. >>>02) Look for all VAL boards and Virtual VALs registered on the system and their IP Addresses For VAL boards, see FAQ105949.

How to import audio files from Avaya to toolsa server?

Via FTP, you are on /agss/users/ your_Avaya_global_username on ToolSA server, create a new directory ANN and move into it your .wav file/ all .wav files press ENTER. Now type and press ENTER. REMEMBER: type always extension ” .wav ” after file name, otherwise the file can’t be recognized as an audio file

What is an on-hold plus player?

If you’re placed on hold and hear music & messaging, chances are you’re listening to an On-Hold Plus player. With well over 100,000 players in service, we are the gold standard in music and message on hold players, by far! Simple to use, easy to connect and a full 30-day moneyback guarantee!

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