How do I obfuscate a Python script?

How do I obfuscate a Python script?


  1. convert all of your .py to *.pye $ compile –source={your py script} –pye $ compile –source={your py module dir} –pye.
  2. remove *.py *.pyc or copy *.pye to other folder.
  3. encrypted as main.pye, it can’t be executed by normal python .

What are obfuscated scripts?

Obfuscation means to make something difficult to understand. Programming code is often obfuscated to protect intellectual property or trade secrets, and to prevent an attacker from reverse engineering a proprietary software program. Encrypting some or all of a program’s code is one obfuscation method.

What is Python obfuscation?

Enciphering your Python Code to avoid Reverse Engineering. In software development, Obfuscation is the deliberate act of creating Source Code that is difficult for humans to understand.

Can you encrypt Python scripts?

SOURCEdefender can protect your plaintext Python source code with AES 256-bit Encryption. AES is a symmetric algorithm which uses the same key for both encryption and decryption (the security of an AES system increases exponentially with key length).

How do you encrypt Python code?


  1. Import rsa library.
  2. Generate public and private keys with rsa.
  3. Encode the string to byte string.
  4. Then encrypt the byte string with the public key.
  5. Then the encrypted string can be decrypted with the private key.
  6. The public key can only be used for encryption and the private can only be used for decryption.

Does PyPy support Python 3?

PyPy supports Python 2.7. PyPy3, released in beta, targets Python 3.

How do I protect a Python script?

The best solution to this vulnerability is to encrypt Python source code. Encrypting Python source code is a method of “Python obfuscation,” which has the purpose of storing the original source code in a form that is unreadable to humans.

Can Pyarmor be Deobfuscated?

Pyarmor is a command line tool used to obfuscate python scripts, bind obfuscated scripts to fixed machine or expire obfuscated scripts. It protects Python scripts by the following ways: Obfuscate code object to protect constants and literal strings. Obfuscate byte code of each code object.

Can a Python script be compiled?

Python, as a dynamic language, cannot be “compiled” into machine code statically, like C or COBOL can. You’ll always need an interpreter to execute the code, which, by definition in the language, is a dynamic operation.

How do I protect Python codes with Cython?

From my experience, the only thing it couldn’t do is asynchronous generators.

  1. Install Cython. Installation is as easy as typing pip install cython or pip3 install cython (for Python 3).
  2. Add Add the following script to your project folder (as ).
  3. Add
  4. Run

What is Python byte code?

Python byte code is the code which is generated after compiling a python program. Lets try to understand, suppose you have written a python program and saved it in a file ‘’. This ‘’ is source code.

Can Python code be compiled?

Python source code is automatically compiled into Python byte code by the CPython interpreter. Compiled code is usually stored in PYC (or PYO) files, and is regenerated when the source is updated, or when otherwise necessary.

What exactly is Python bytecode?

Python, like many interpreted languages, actually compiles source code to a set of instructions for a virtual machine, and the Python interpreter is an implementation of that virtual machine. This intermediate format is called “bytecode.”.

What is a code object in Python?

A code object is CPython ‘s internal representation of a piece of runnable Python code, such as a function, a module, a class body, or a generator expression. When you run a piece of code, it is parsed and compiled into a code object, which is then run by the CPython virtual machine (VM).

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