How do I pair my sky card?

How do I pair my sky card?

Sign into the My Sky app with your SkyID. Select Manage account, then TV followed by TV settings. Select Activate next to Activate card and follow the on-screen instructions, entering the details you made a note of earlier.

How do I reactivate my Sky subscription?

To reinstate your account, you must setup a continuous payment method and pay your FULL balance.

  1. Go to and Sign in.
  2. Type a continuous payment method and click Update your payment details.
  3. Type a payment amount and your card details.
  4. Click Next and confirm the reinstate timescales.

Where do I find my Sky PIN number?

Re: Forgot sky box pin If you haven’t changed it, it will be the last 4 digits of your Viewing Card.

Why is my Sky viewing card inactive?

Re: Inactive Viewing Card Just to let others know, if you have this message appearing you may have to contact the Customer Services at sky as their system does not let you pair a card to a sky box, and sky has to do this.

How long do Sky lock your account for?

If you’ve entered too many invalid attempts to log in to My Account, you’ll be temporarily locked out. Try again after 30 minutes or click here to reset your password. Click the Don’t remember your password?

Why is my sky go asking for a PIN?

Your Sky Device PIN is a four-digit code used to set parental control settings to restrict access to age-rated programmes, including downloads, On Demand and Catch Up shows on the Sky Go app when you’re not connected to a Sky Q box.

How do I reset my sky Q pin?

Reset your PIN:

  1. Press Home on your Sky Q remote, select My Account then Reset PIN.
  2. Depending on how you pay your bill, you’ll be asked to type certain security information.
  3. Type your new PIN twice.
  4. Press Dismiss to finish.

Why is my sky viewing card not pairing with my box?

If this doesn’t work, you may find that your Sky viewing card and sky digibox are not correctly “paired”. This can occur when your box has been switched off for a prolonged period of time or if you have recently replaced or upgraded your Sky digibox and it needs to be repaired to your existing Sky card.

How do I Pair My viewing card to my Sky Q?

Press Home on your Sky Q remote, select Settings, then System Info. Select Viewing Card Number, then select Setup. The message “Pairing viewing card” will display, followed by “Viewing card paired”. Still need a hand?

Can you pair a card without phoning Sky?

Can you pair a card without phoning Sky? only I heard, or rather read that you can by doing a “call back” or a reboot or some kind. No you can’t,an auto call back from the box won’t pair the card. No you can’t,an auto call back from the box won’t pair the card.

How do I Activate my Sky viewing card?

Your Sky viewing card is linked to your account and allows your Sky box to access your subscription channels. To use your viewing card, it must be activated and paired with your Sky box. Insert your card into the slot on the front of your Sky box. Press Services on your Sky remote, select Settings, and then Details.

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