How do I quit HDFC Life?

How do I quit HDFC Life?

For Existing Customers

  1. Whatsapp. +91 8291-890-569.
  2. Call (Mon to Sat, from 10 am to 7 pm, Local charges apply) 1860-267-9999.
  3. Call (Mon to Sat, from 10 am to 7 pm, STD charges apply) 022-68446530.
  4. Email. [email protected].
  5. NRI-Email. [email protected].

When can I withdraw my HDFC Life policy?

Withdrawal is possible here after the completion of five years. Some policies have a limit based on the fund value after the withdrawal. For example, the fund value after the withdrawal should be at least three times the annual premium.

Is it good to invest in HDFC Life?

The highlight of this plan is the extremely low level of charges, comparable with the mutual fund industry. Being a unit linked plan, it offers good growth potential if invested over a long period of time. All these factors make it a good investment cum insurance product which offers tax savings also.

What is HDFC Life Health Assure plan?

HDFC Life Health Assure Plan is a pure protection, non participating, non linked health indemnity plan that covers actual medical expenses incurred by the Life Insured up to the Annual Limit and subject to terms, conditions and exclusions stated in this Policy document.

What is surrender value in HDFC Life?

anniversary of the Date of Risk 21) Surrender Value – means an amount, if any, Commencement; that becomes payable in case of Surrender of the Policy in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Policy.

Can I surrender ulip after 5 years?

Surrendering during the lock-in period – ULIPs have a lock-in period of 5 years but investors can surrender the fund before completion of the lock-in tenure. The risk-cover will cease once you submit the request for surrender, however, the surrender value incurred is paid only at the end of the 5-year term.

Why is HDFC Life better?

No business worries- Life insurance apart from benefitting your family and your personal plans is a great way for your business too. There are various kinds of insurance policies like the term insurance, which lets you have protection for a fixed term and the benefits are paid during the event of your death.

Who can be covered in family floater policy?

Family floater health insurance plans usually covers the individual, spouse and children. However, some insurance providers do have provision to cover dependent parents, siblings and parents-in-law. Hence this kind of health insurance policies are becoming more popular because of the advantages it offer.

What is HDFC Life Easy health?

HDFC Life Easy Health Plan is essentially a family health insurance plan for critical illnesses. Under the plan, the policyholder or any of his family members will receive a lump-sum amount of money from the insurer in case of a critical illness diagnosis.

Is it possible to surrender HDFC Life policy?

In case you surrender the policy post the completion of 5 years of the policy term, your total Fund Value shall be paid to you. Once this benefit is paid to the policyholder, the policy comes to an end and no further benefit shall be payable.

How can I cancel HDFC free look period?

Steps To Cancel Policy During Free Look Period

  1. Send the Requisition to Cancel the Policy. The policyholder has to fill in a requisition form for the cancellation of the life insurance policy if they feel that it is not a suitable choice for them.
  2. Response From the Company for Requisition.
  3. Refund of Premium.

What is HDFC Life Insurance?

HDFC Life (HDFC Life Insurance Company) is one of the leading private life insurance companies in India offering various insurance policies that best suits your need.

What are the benefits of hdhdfc life Uday?

HDFC Life Uday helps you do just that with benefits like guaranteed additions and bonuses while ensuring that your family receives a lump sum benefit in case of your unfortunate death. In this policy, the investment risk in the investment portfolio is borne by the policyholder.

How do I contact the HDF Clife customer service?

Email: [email protected] / [email protected] (only for NRI customers) For Group policies, please contact: Helpline: 022 67516218/6215 Email: Groupoperati[email protected] How do I login using Face book/Google/Twitter?

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