How do I report a fire watch?

How do I report a fire watch?

By rolling the mouse over a given event/object, you can report on it when the radio icon appears next to the name. Do the same with the fireworks that you can see across the window (use the compass to find West; you can zoom in and out using [RMB]).

How does fire watch work in the Marines?

Fire watch, put simply, is guard duty. But unlike a guard duty they may pull in Iraq or Afghanistan behind a machine-gun, guard duty at boot camp means recruits walk around aimlessly in the squad bay for an hour.

Does MOS school have Firewatch?

After the noon meal, the day’s training continues until the evening meal, typically around 17:00 to 18:00 (5:00 to 6:00 pm). Throughout all of recruit training, a guard, or ”firewatch”, is posted for the entire night.

How do you reply on fire watch?

To do this, hold down [SHIFT], select your answer and release the key.

Where can I find Firewatch boards?

The Board can be found at Cache 302 and Lookout Station, and some of these are used to repair your broken window during the story.

Can you wear a watch in Marine boot camp?

In the Marine Corps, you are not allowed to wear a watch at all at boot camp. In fact, the only time that you’re allowed to know what time it is is when you have firewatch at night.

What do Marines do at boot camp?

Recruits receive instruction on military history, customs and courtesies, basic first aid, uniforms, leadership and core values. They begin to learn discipline through close-order drill and hand-to-hand combat skills through the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program, which is made up of various martial arts styles.

How many US Marine Corps officer candidates are currently on Firewatch?

The count on deck is 58 United States Marine Corps Officer Candidates. The count on hand is 56 United States Marine Corps Officer Candidates. There are two United States Marine Corps Officer Candidates on firewatch. There is nothing new or unusual to report at this time.

What is Firewatch in the military?

That’s the basic gist of what you have to say, and EVERYBODY screws it up. Firewatch is an hour-long post where one person stands at the front of the squadbay waiting to give a report to any platoon staff who happen to walk by, and the other person (or two or three people) clean the squadbay, the head, and do laundry.

How often do you have to stand on guard for Firewatch?

Aside from already not getting enough sleep, you have to stand on guard for firewatch for an hour every night or so (sometimes every two or three).

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