How do I reset my ea20 security safe?

How do I reset my ea20 security safe?

With door open, locate the red button on the back of door near hinge and press. you will hear 2 beeps and yellow light on (10 seconds) B. Input a new code of 3 to 8 digits, then press “B” button. The storage of the new code will be confirmed by two beeps 2.

How do you reset your digital safe if you forgot the code?

If you’ve forgotten your passcode, you can reset it by using a thin rod or wire to press the reset button on the inside of the door panel. If all else fails, you can try breaking open the lock or drilling through the override key slot.

How do I reset my red button safe code?

Press the small red button on the inside of the door. Hold the button until a small yellow light appears on the front panel of the safe. Enter the new code using the keypad on the safe and press either the “A” or “B” key. The code will beep two times to verify the code has been changed.

How do I reset my Homdox safe?

Reset Code: First, preset code “159”. Then, after open it, press the green button below the battery. Next, input your new code, PIN can be programmed 3 to 8 digits long. Last, input the new code again if the yellow light flashes with three buzzer beeos.

How do you unlock a combination safe when you forgot the combination?

There are several ways to get into a safe when you don’t have the combination. If the safe is open, a new code can be set for you. If there is an override key you can get that key made by a locksmith. If the safe is locked, you can have a locksmith retrieve the safe’s original code from the manufacture.

How do I set up intelligent electronic safe?

Open the safe, input “0” twice and press reset button, start setting code when the yellow light goes on. Input the new master code (3-8 digits), then press “C“ or “E” button to confirm, it will be confirmed by 1 buzzer beep and the yellow light will turn off, which indicates the acceptance and storage of the new code.

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