How do I search for a text string in Excel?

How do I search for a text string in Excel?

Find cells that contain text

  1. Select the range of cells that you want to search.
  2. On the Home tab, in the Editing group, click Find & Select, and then click Find.
  3. In the Find what box, enter the text—or numbers—that you need to find.

How do I lookup a cell with certain text and return the certain text in Excel?

To find a cell that contains specific text, use the formula below.

  1. Select the output cell, and use the following formula: =IF(cell=”text”, value_to_return, “”).
  2. For our example, the cell we want to check is A2, the text we’re looking for is “example”, and the return value will be Yes.

How do I check if a string matches in Excel?

Compare two strings

  1. =A1=A2 // returns TRUE.
  2. =EXACT(A1,A2) // returns FALSE.
  3. =IF(EXACT(A2,A2),”Yes”,”No”)

What does Start_num mean in Excel?

Start_num Optional. Specifies the character at which to start the search. The first character in within_text is character number 1. If you omit start_num, it is assumed to be 1.

How do you search a string in Excel and return a value?

=SEARCH(B5,B2) If the text is found, the SEARCH function returns the number of its starting position in the text string. If it’s not found, the result is a #VALUE!

How do I extract specific text from a cell in Excel?

Here is how to do this:

  1. Select the cells where you have the text.
  2. Go to Data –> Data Tools –> Text to Columns.
  3. In the Text to Column Wizard Step 1, select Delimited and press Next.
  4. In Step 2, check the Other option and enter @ in the box right to it.
  5. In Step 3, General setting works fine in this case.
  6. Click on Finish.

How do you manipulate a string in Excel?

  1. Get the LENgth of a text string.
  2. Change case to UPPER, lower, or Proper.
  3. Concatenate a text string.
  4. Use INDIRECT to create a reference from a text string.
  5. Use CHAR to return special characters.
  6. SUBSTITUTE text within a string.
  7. Use TRIM to get rid of extra spaces.
  8. Use FIND and SEARCH to get the position of text in a string.

How do I search for a string in Excel using find?

Step 1: In cell B1, start typing =FIND; you will be able to access the function itself. Step 2: The FIND function needs at least two arguments: the string you want to search and the cell within which you want to search. Let’s use “Excel” as the first argument for the FIND function, which specifies find_text from the formula.

What is the search function in Excel similar to?

The SEARCH function in Excel is very similar to FIND in that it also returns the location of a substring in a text string. Is syntax and arguments are akin to those of FIND:

How to find the text substring from a string in Excel?

You can also use SEARCH and FIND functions in combination to find the text substring from a given string. However, when you are not interested in finding out the substring, but you want to find out whether a particular string is present in a given cell or not, not all of these formulae will work.

How to search and extract text in Excel?

How to Search Text in Excel? In excel, you might have seen situations where you want to extract the text present at a specific position in an entire string using text formulae such as LEFT, RIGHT, MID, etc. You can also use SEARCH and FIND functions in combination to find the text substring from a given string.

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