How do I send my transcript to FAMU?

How do I send my transcript to FAMU?

Transcripts must be sent to the Office of Admissions and Recruitment at the following address. Florida A&M University, Office of Admissions, 444 Gamble Street, Lucy Moten • Suite 203, Tallahassee, Florida Request that your current name and Social Security Number be added to the transcript if necessary.

Is FAMU a party school?

FAMU is for everyone. It’s a social school that gets you involved with more than just parties.

How many credits do you need to transfer to FAMU?


Is FAMU a black college?

Florida A&M University (FAMU) is again the highest-ranked public historically Black college and university (HBCU), according to U.S News & World Report 2021 Best Colleges ranking of Top Public Universities. FAMU ranked 117 among Top Public Universities, up from No. The next highest ranked public HBCU lands at 136.

What division is FAMU?

NCAA Division I Football Championship Subdivision

How do I get a full ride to FAMU?

Scholarship Requirements: Have a 1000 or greater on the SAT or at least a 24 on the ACT • Have a FAMU recalculated grade point average of 3.0 or better; • Have a completed admissions file; and • Have a completed and validated Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) on file.

How many students are at FAMU?

9,614 (2016)

What kind of school is FAMU?

Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University was founded as the State Normal College for Colored Students, and on October 3, 1887, it began classes with fifteen students and two instructors. Today, FAMU, as it has become affectionately known, is the premiere school among historically black colleges and universities.

Is FAMU on common app?

(a) Florida A&M University uses the common application form for undergraduate admission to any one of the state universities. Applications may be located at

Is FAMU a good school?

Florida A&M University’s ranking in the 2021 edition of Best Colleges is National Universities, #241. The university, more commonly known as FAMU, also offers more than 100 student organizations and several fraternities and sororities to join.

How do I apply to FAMU?


  1. Submit all official high school and/or college/university transcript(s)
  2. Submit official scores for the Redesigned SAT (code: 5215 or ACT (code: 0726), if applicable.
  3. Submit official GED transcript or TOEFL/IELTS score, if applicable.

How much is tuition per credit hour at FAMU?

$177.94 per credit hour for regular courses taken more than twice.

What is FAMU acceptance rate?

35.7% (2020)

Is an essay required for FAMU?

FAMU requires you to take the SAT Essay/ACT Writing section.

Does FAMU give scholarships?

Thank you for visiting Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University’s Foundation online scholarship portal where searching and applying for scholarships is as easy at 1-2-3! We will begin accepting applications for the 2021-2022 Academic Year on *February 16, 2021 and will continue until April 16, 2021.

Is FAMU hard to get into?

editorial. Florida A&M admissions is selective with an acceptance rate of 36%. Students that get into Florida A&M have an average SAT score between 1030-1160 or an average ACT score of 19-23. The regular admissions application deadline for Florida A&M is May 1.

Is FAMU safe?

Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University reported 110 safety-related incidents involving students on or near campus or other Florida A&M University affiliated properties in 2019. Of the 3,990 colleges and universities that reported crime and safety data, 3,329 of them reported fewer incidents than this.

How long does it take to hear back from FAMU?

If mailed from somewhere in Florida, it takes mail 2 days for priority mail and 2-3 days for first class mail under normal circumstances, The University Post Office does not receive mail on weekends or holidays.

What major is FAMU known for?

Popular Majors FAMU’s top graduate programs include pharmaceutical sciences along with public health; physical therapy; engineering; physics; master’s of applied social sciences (especially history and public administration); business and sociology.

How much is tuition for FAMU?

Local tuition 5,785 USD, Domestic tuition 17,725 USD (2019 – 20)

How much is out of state tuition for FAMU?

Do you have to stay on campus freshman year at FAMU?

FAMU Events All student athletes and full University scholarship recipients that receive the Life Get Better Scholarship, Distinguished Scholars Award, and Adopted High School Scholarship must reside on campus during the first two academic years of enrollment.

Does FAMU require letters of recommendation?

FAMU accepts ACT or SAT application fee waivers from Florida high school applicants ONLY. Freshman applicants should submit two letters of recommendation from a high school teacher, counselor or principal.

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