How do I use actionmailer in rails?

How do I use actionmailer in rails?

Action Mailer allows you to send emails from your application using a mailer model and views. So, in Rails, emails are used by creating mailers that inherit from ActionMailer::Base and live in app/mailers. Those mailers have associated views that appear alongside controller views in app/views. 2 Sending Emails

How does Action Mailer handle multiple email templates?

When you call the mail method now, Action Mailer will detect the two templates (text and HTML) and automatically generate a multipart/alternative email. Mailers are really just another way to render a view. Instead of rendering a view and sending it over the HTTP protocol, they are sending it out through the email protocols instead.

What is the use of Action Mailer delivery_method?

Keeps an array of all the emails sent out through the Action Mailer with delivery_method :test. Most useful for unit and functional testing. Allows you to set default values for the mail method options ( :from, :reply_to, etc.).

What are Action Mailer previews?

Action Mailer previews provide a way to see how emails look by visiting a special URL that renders them. In the above example, the preview class for UserMailer should be named UserMailerPreview and located in test/mailers/previews/user_mailer_preview.rb.

Is it possible to send an email in Rails 3?

This has been deprecated in Rails 3.0 in favour of just calling the method name itself. Sending out an email should only take a fraction of a second, but if you are planning on sending out many emails, or you have a slow domain resolution service, you might want to investigate using a background process like Delayed Job.

How do I create an ordermailer in rails?

To get started, we will first need to create a mailer which is easy to do with Rails’ generate mailer command. In this case, the mailer will be used in the OrdersController so we’ll name it OrderMailer: Let’s out the app/mailers folder.

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