How do Philadelphians speak?

How do Philadelphians speak?

The Philadelphia Accent Philly Accent: Water is wooder. Many words start with st- get more of a sht- treatment, so street sounds like shtreet. The pronoun “our” sounds like are, and “orange” gets the same sound at its start—are-ange. “Bagel” goes by beg-el (but soft pretzels are better; see above).

How do Philadelphians say bagel?

With apologies to comedian Jeff Foxworthy, you might be a Philadelphian if: you say beggle (bagel), wooder (water), tal (towel), beyoodeeful (beautiful), dennis (dentist) or Fit Shtreet (Fifth Street).

Are Philadelphians rude?

Philadelphians Have An Attitude To Them You can’t just dismiss Philadelphians as rude, though, because it’s more of a cultural tendency to be blunt and people from elsewhere may perceive it as rudeness. However, if you define “rude” as “use of the F word on Twitter,” Philadelphia is definitely winning.

How do Philly people say towel?

This is considered by many to be the defining characteristic of a Philadelphia dialect, even among young Philadelphians. The word towel is commonly pronounced /tæl/, like tal in the word tally. Both long-e and long-a sounds may be shortened before /ɡ/.

How do Philadelphians say water?

The word water is commonly pronounced /ˈwʊtər/ (with the first syllable rhyming with the word put, so that it sounds like “wooter” or “wooder”), rather than the more standard English /ˈwɔtər/. This is considered by many to be the defining characteristic of a Philadelphia dialect, even among young Philadelphians.

What does JAWN mean in Philly?

Jawn is a neutral, all-purpose noun used to reference any person, place, situation, or object. In casual conversation, it takes the place of the word thing. African American English speakers in Philadelphia adapted joint and created the new word jawn.

Is Philly the meanest city?

Philadelphia voted 9th rudest city in the United States: as seen on Action News at 4:30pm on December 24, 2019. Philadelphians have long been known to believe that the rest of the world thinks of us as rude. But according to a new survey from Business Insider, New York is considered the most rude.

What is Philly slango?

Although Philly Slango is indigenous to Philadelphians, one can learn this exciting new language in less time than it takes to eat a famous Philly Cheesesteak. The good news is you don’t need a Ph.D. in English to speak this “slanguage”.

Where does the Philadelphia dialect come from?

Included within the general area of the Philadelphia dialect, though naturally some differences can be expected, are the Pennsylvania suburbs as well as southern New Jersey and northern Delaware.

What is the stereotype of’y’all’in Philadelphia?

The stereotype is that we say “youse guys,” but you’ll hear just “youse” more. It’s the Philadelphia slang version of “y’all,” and once you start saying it, it becomes a habit.

What are some phrases that make you swear in Philadelphia?

14 Phrases That Will Make You Swear Philadelphians Have Their Own Language. 1 1. Jawn. 2 2. Wooder. 3 3. Tap Mac. 4 4. Water (Wooder?) Ice. 5 5. Young bol.

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