How do we use it in a sentence?

How do we use it in a sentence?

We commonly use the pronoun it as both a subject and an object pronoun:

  • Don’t drink the milk. It smells terrible.
  • Has anyone seen my phone? I can’t find it anywhere.
  • That furniture is lovely. It isn’t too expensive for us, is it?
  • You know the flat with three bedrooms by the supermarket?

What words describe a still life?

In this page you can discover 9 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for still-life, like: painting, nature-morte, study in still life, inanimate object picture, semi-abstract, self-portrait, portraiture, and figurative.

Why is it called still life?

Inanimate objects such as fruit, flowers, food and everyday items are painted as the main focus of interest in still lifes. The term derives from the Dutch ‘stilleven’, which became current from about 1650 as a collective name for this type of subject matter.

How do you name a still life?

For less developed still life works or studies, your title can be descriptive without stating the obvious. Consider using time, season, or mood as part of the title: “Still Life 1985” or “Still Life: Color Study” “Fruit Bowl,” “Found Objects,” “Spring Blooms,” depending on the objects.

Is it still life or still life?

Even though it ends in life, still life takes a regular –s plural: still lifes. Compounds that end in a noun with an irregular plural form typically take the same irregular plural as the base noun: werewolf becomes werewolves; stepchild becomes stepchildren.

Can it be used for living things?

Welcome to Using English. You use “they” for plural nouns, living, non-living, or living, but not human. You use “it” for many living things – trees, animals that you don’t feel affection for, coral reefs, etc.

Why is it called a still life?

What is still life study?

A still life is a drawing or painting that focuses on still objects. The subject matter is inanimate and never moves, typically with a focus on household objects, flowers, or fruits. Still life work contrasts figure drawing which focuses on a live human model.

What is the definition of still life in art?

Definition of still life 1 : a picture consisting predominantly of inanimate objects 2 : the category of graphic arts concerned with inanimate subject matter Examples of still life in a Sentence

How many people are in the US with a life sentence?

As of 2016, there were 161,957 people serving life sentences, or one of every nine people in prison. An additional 44,311 individuals are serving “virtual life” sentences, yielding a total population of life and virtual life sentences at 206,268 – or one of every seven people in prison.

How common are life sentences for nonviolent crimes?

More than 17,000 individuals with an LWP, LWOP, or virtual life sentence have been convicted of nonviolent crimes. The United States incarcerates people for life at a rate of 50 per 100,000, roughly equivalent to the entire incarceration rates of the Scandinavian nations of Denmark, Finland, and Sweden.

Is there still life in the TV universe?

— Frances Solá-santiago,, 26 June 2021 Streaming is now the center of the TV universe, but there’s still life out there in the network quadrants. — Josef Adalian, Vulture, 20 May 2021 The Clippers had taken another blow, but there is still life left.

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