How do you answer salary expectations from an internship?

How do you answer salary expectations from an internship?

If an interviewer asks you about your salary expectations as an intern, it’s a good sign—it means they’re interested and want to see if they can afford you. Unfortunately, you’re still not really in a negotiating position, so your best bet is to redirect the conversation towards your accomplishments.

What is the best website for internships?

Here is our list of the best internship websites around:

  1. Google Jobs. You may have used Google to locate the best internship websites.
  2. LinkedIn.
  3. The Student Conservation Association (SCA)
  4. /
  8. Mediabistro.

What is the most accurate salary website?

Best salary information websites

  • The most popular salary-specific job site, lists every position in a field with free salary info.
  • Glassdoor. Glassdoor is known for its extensive company reviews and employee feedback.
  • PayScale.
  • Indeed.
  • SalaryList.
  • Salary Expert.
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  • Job title.

How do you negotiate salary for a new job example?

I was thrilled to receive your email! Thank you so much for the [Position Title] opportunity. Before I can formally accept the proposal, I need to discuss base salary. With my [2–3 industry-specific sources of value] and history of [summary of achievements], I know I will bring great value to [Company Name].

How do I become a virtual intern?

Here are a few tips to help you stand out to your employer and ace your remote internship:

  1. Set Yourself Up For Success. In order to succeed in a virtual internship, you need to take it just as seriously as you would take a more traditional internship!
  2. Keep Everything Organized.
  3. Stay Connected.
  4. Take Initiative.

Can an intern ask for a raise?

You’re an intern, so your raise likely would come in the form of proper employment with with the company. So show them why they should hire you. Because most interns do not get paid, they also very very rarely get a raise. BUT: they can get a job.

How do I ask for an entry level increase?

How to Ask for a Raise at Your First Job

  1. Plot your timing wisely.
  2. Gather your facts.
  3. Quantify your value.
  4. Prepare your case.
  5. Initiate the conversation.
  6. Lay out your case, and express enthusiasm for your future with the company.
  7. Behave confidently.
  8. State your desired salary.

Can you negotiate intern pay?

While it’s not unheard of, it’s rare to negotiate a salary for an internship. However, if it is an internship that’s not part of a standardized program, there is an option to negotiate. There is a different approach than with a job salary negotiation, since as an intern you may not have a lot of experience.

How do you ask for a job after an internship?

Here’s what you need to do to make your case.

  1. Make Sure You’ve Made the Most of Your Internship.
  2. Compile Your Goals and Accomplishments.
  3. Get Some One-on-One Time With Your Manager to Thank Them.
  4. Then Outline Your Request.
  5. If They Say No, Be Gracious and Keep in Touch.

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