How do you beat Mossdeep in Emerald?

How do you beat Mossdeep in Emerald?

I would recommend using Swampert against the duo, as Surf is 2x effective against Rock/Psychic and hits both of them at once. Swellow is also a good choice since Steel is 2x effective against Rock/Psychic and Flying is immune to Ground-type moves (so you won’t be damaged by Earthquake).

What is there to do in Mossdeep City Emerald?

Places of interest

  1. Mossdeep Space Center.
  2. Steven’s house.
  3. Secret Base boy.
  4. Pokéblock enthusiast’s house.
  5. Backdoor house.
  6. Game Corner.
  7. Running Errands.
  8. Move Tutor.

Where is Steven after Mossdeep?

Your next stop is Mossdeep. Fly over to the Space Center in Mossdeep City. Steven is up on the second floor.

How do you beat the Mossdeep city gym?

The Psychic-type is weak against Bug-, Dark-, and Ghost-type attacks. Try not to use Fighting- or Poison-type Pokemon against these Psychic-type Pokemon or they may be quickly knocked out. To get around this gym you must step on the white dots in the black area. This will transfer you to another part of the gym.

Where is dive in Emerald?

HM 08 Dive location in Pokemon Emerald. It can be obtained after battling team magma in the space station in Mossdeep city, by heading to Stevens house. He will give you Dive which you will need to get to the last gym.

How do you unlock the Sootopolis City gym in Pokemon Emerald?

The Final Gym in Sootopolis City Go up in Sootopolis City and you’ll find the Gym, but it’s locked. Go get a whole pile of Ultra Balls from the Pokemart then head north until you find Wallace and Steven. They’ll take you to the Cave of Origin where you’ll battle either Kyogre or Groudon.

Is Absol better than Mightyena?

No doubt here. Boasting of a much better attack of 130 over Mightyena’s 90, as well as higher speed (75 over 70), it thoroughly beats Mightyena.

What is the population of Mossdeep in Pokemon Emerald?

In Pokémon Emerald, the population of Mossdeep City is 52, making it Hoenn’s fourth most populous city. In Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, the population of Mossdeep City is 45, making it Hoenn’s fifth most populous city. In Generation III, Mossdeep is the only location in Hoenn where the rare Net Ball and Dive Ball are sold.

How do I get to Mossdeep City in Pokemon HeartGold?

19: To Mossdeep! As soon as you are outside Fly to Lilycove, go to the Poke Center, heal and save. Hit the Department Store to replace any kit you used, then hit the beach and Surf to Mossdeep City (check your map). Note that at this point we are not really interested in side-trips, we need to stop Aqua!

Where can I find a Super Rod in Mossdeep City?

There is quite a lot of things to do here in Mossdeep City. Heal your Pokemon now, and maybe visit the Mart. On the raised land in the eastern part of the city is a Fisherman’s house. Talk to him, and he’ll give you a Super Rod .

What is the name of the city in Pokemon Ruby?

Mossdeep City. Mossdeep City is the hub area of Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire ‘s Special Demo Version . North of Mossdeep is the Shoal Cave, on Route 125. To the west is Route 124, and Route 127 lies to the south.

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