How do you beat Thorian?

How do you beat Thorian?

The Thorian Creepers have tons of life and can take a while to kill, but melee attacks, force weapons, and biotic abilities will all move these enemies. There is a convenient cliff where the Thorian Creepers stand. Knock the Thorian Creepers off the cliff for faster kills so they can’t overwhelm the crew.

Where did the Thorian come from?

Thorians are grown in an isolated part of the Citadel. Their growth begins when the Reapers retreat into Dark Space, giving them 50,000 years to grow and develop in secret, with the Keepers looking after them and ensuring they remain hidden and isolated from the rest of the station.

How many colonists were in feros?

For Feros to survive, the total value of colony health + colony leadership must be thirteen or higher. So, for example, if you kill Shiala and Jeong, you need to spare at least 13 colonists, or spare at least 9 colonists and complete all four sidequests.

Can you save the Thorian?

Yes, it is possible to save the Thorian. After you shoot it full of holes, you are given the option to shoot Shiala. If you spare her life, the Thorian lives on as Spores in her nervous system.

Are Thorian creepers human?

Biology. Thorian Creepers are humanoid creatures with a corpse-like appearance. While the Creepers may look like zombified humans, the Thorian itself is a plant and the Creepers themselves likely fit into the same category.

How old is the Thorian?

fifty thousand years old
The Thorian, also called Species 37, is an ancient sentient plant at least fifty thousand years old – its ability to hibernate for thousands of years makes its real age impossible to guess.

Is the Thorian alive?

Now, throughout the games you are assured that the Thorian is dead. Liza (the scientist) says she stayed back to make sure it’s dead. You get an email from an asari in 3 (shiala).

Can you save Zhu’s Hope?

Once you run out of Anti-Thorian Gas grenades, you can still save the Zhu’s Hope colonists by using melee attacks to take them out. Use B on Xbox or Circle on PlayStation to hit them until their health bars are depleted. It’ll look pretty brutal, but it won’t kill them.

Should I save the colonists on Feros?

Because it’s all too easy to accidentally kill a colonist in the crossfire, you’ll want to Save before entering the garage and after taking the elevator, just in case a colonist accidentally dies. Each colonist you save will give you +1 Point, for a total of +16 Points.

Should you destroy the Thorian?

You’ll need to shoot them all as you progress upwards to detach the Thorian from the walls. The Thorian won’t actually attack you itself since it’s just a stationary plant that’s been living underground on Feros for thousands of years. Instead, it’ll send Asari clones and many Thorian Creepers after you all at once.

Where can I farm thorium in WoW Classic?

Some of the best areas for Thorium farming in Classic WoW are Winterspring, Eastern Plaguelands and Burning Steppes. Winterspring is one of the best zones for classic thorium farming. It has one of the highest amount of Rich Thorium veins in the game. While that leads to a lot of competition, this is also the only place where Icecap grows.

Did the Thorian exist on Feros before the Protheans?

According to Shiala, the Thorian existed on Feros long before the Protheans arrived. It would spend thousands of years in hibernation, then awake for “a few frantic centuries” of activity before resting again.

How do I beat the Thorian creepers?

Your primary quest here is simple – fight through the Thorian Creepers and raise the ship section blocking the way into its lair. The added wrinkle is that the Thorian has turned the colonists against you to protect itself, and they will be hostile. You will however have a mod that gives your Grenades Anti-Thorian gas.

How did the geth defeat the Thorian?

Saren ordered the geth to destroy the Thorian and all traces of the creature’s existence. The geth launched an assault against Zhu’s Hope, but the colonists blocked the entrance to the Thorian’s lair with the wrecked Borealis and, enthralled by the creature, began fighting to the death to defend it.

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