How do you distribute music without a distributor?

How do you distribute music without a distributor?

Let’s look at a few options!

  1. Free distributions VS paid distribution.
  2. Distribute your music with Soundrop.
  3. Distribute your music with Stem.
  4. Distribute your music with AWAL.
  5. Distribute your music with Amuse.
  6. Distribute your music with RouteNote.
  7. Register with your national performance rights organization (PRO)

Is TuneCore a publisher or distributor?

About TuneCore TuneCore is a music distribution and publishing administration service that provides thousands of independent artists with the tools to increase exposure and get their music heard by more people around the world, all while maintaining ownership of their music and 100 percent of revenues.

What is the catch with TuneCore?

For only $35.99 you can sell your album through Tunecore. However, there is a catch: this is a yearly fee that goes up to $59.99 in subsequent years. Meaning every year after the first, you’ll be shelling out $59.99.

Is TuneCore good for publishing?

TuneCore Pub is a comprehensive publishing solution for independent songwriters and artists ensuring no money gets left on the table. TuneCore Pub works in tandem with PROs to maximize performance royalties as well as collecting important other revenue sources such as mechanical, sync and micro-sync.

What is better than TuneCore?

DistroKid is much less expensive, and gets your music into streaming services faster. TuneCore charges $49.99 per year per album. DistroKid would charge you only $19.99 per year. DistroKid is an even better deal if you want to upload a lot of singles (1-song albums).

Can I be my own music distributor?

If you decide to start your own music distribution business, we advise you to start from scratch. This is because recently in the industry, it is unlikely you will find any music distribution franchise being sold. So, by building your own business it is a great way to break into distribution.

Does BMI require TuneCore?

Do I need TuneCore Music Publishing Administration if I’m already affiliated with one of these Performing Rights Organizations? The short answer to that question is: YES, you need BOTH! ASCAP, BMI, SESAC and SOCAN are Performing Rights Organizations.

How much does TuneCore pay for 1 million streams?

Let’s say 1 million streams that month came from TuneCore artists, meaning TuneCore’s proportionate share (or market share) was 10% that month….Pay Rate (How Much MediaNet Pays You)

MediaNet Worldwide You Receive Per Song
Canada CAD $0.70
U.K. GBP £0.49
Napster U.S. USD $0.70

Can I trust TuneCore?

What you will learn from every single TuneCore review is that the site is very professional in its dealings. This is because TuneCore does not charge a commission on any single or album you sell. As an artist, you get to earn every single cent from the sale of your music, something that is both amazing and rare.

What’s better TuneCore or Cdbaby?

TuneCore pays 80-85% of sync licenses secured to Publishing Administration artists, while CD Baby only pays songwriters 60% of their sync licenses. TuneCore vs. TuneCore delivers your music to 150+ digital music stores and streaming platforms worldwide.

Does Drake use TuneCore?

Hundreds of thousands of artists use TuneCore, from emerging talent to world-famous artists including: Nine Inch Nails, Drake, Ziggy Marley, Keith Richards, Jay- Z, Cheap Trick, Moby, Public Enemy and more. Advanced sales reporting allows you to track your sales by release, store, date and more.

Why is TuneCore so expensive?

This is because TuneCore does not charge a commission on any single or album you sell. TuneCore, however, requires you to pay a subscription fee that is often much more than many other music distribution platforms such as Cd Baby.

Is TuneCore Legit in 2021 to distribute your music?

TuneCore Review: Still Legit in 2021 to Distribute Your Music? Alongside CD Baby and Distrokid, TuneCore is a major digital distribution company with a solid reputation to prove it.

What is TuneCore’s music publishing administration?

Our Music Publishing Administration makes sure TuneCore songwriter compositions are front-and-center for every new licensing opportunity. Check out examples below of successful placements in hit TV shows and movies. Our team works globally to pitch your music for placements in film, TV, commercials, and video games.

How does TuneCore work?

Distribute your music to over 150 digital stores across 200 countries and territories worldwide. Get daily sales trends for Amazon, iTunes, Apple Music, and Spotify, and keep every cent of what you’re owed from sales and streams. TuneCore never takes a cut of what you earn from download and streaming revenue – what you earn is what you’re paid.

Is targettunecore the best music distributor?

TuneCore isn’t the flashy choice when it comes to music distributors, but it gets things done. It’s safe to classify business models of the new cast of free or inexpensive digital distributors as experimental, which leaves the artists who work with them at risk for having their music taken down at a moment’s notice.

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