How do you focus a Zwo guidescope?

How do you focus a Zwo guidescope?

Insert the eyepiece instead of the camera, and without refocusing the scope, slide the eyepiece until you get focus. Then tighten the parfocal ring to “stop” the eyepiece against the focuser right at the focus point. This way, whether you insert the camera or the eyepiece, both should be in focus at the same time…

How do you focus a Zwo 30F4?

Re: ZWO 30F4 MiniScope Initial Focus With Sharpcap (or the like) on continuous exposure mode, you can just position the 30F4 focus somewhere in the ballpark and slide the camera out and dial it in on the fly in just a minute or so. Once there, lock the camera in place with the two screws and you’re good to go.

How do you find the pixel scale?

The pixel scale is just 206 * (pixel size) / (focal length). Assuming your 30 mm guide scope is f/4 that would be a focal length of 120mm. Using a common guide camera such as the ASI120MM which has a pixel size of 3.8u, the pixel scale is 206 * 3.8 / 130 = 6.0 arcseconds/pixel.

How do I choose a guidescope?

Several factors and trade-offs make for a good guidescope for astrophotography including: A sufficiently large aperture to detect faint guide stars in a nearly any field of view anywhere in the sky and to minimize autoguider exposure time, yet a small enough size and weight to prevent taxing the mount.

Is 30mm guide scope enough?

With more sensitive (and more expensive) CCD or CMOS-based guiding cameras, as mentioned below, flyweight guide scopes with apertures as small as 30mm can work well when guiding images with short focal length refractors as the main scope.

How do you focus a Zwo mini?

What are the dimensions of a Zwo mini guide scope?

ZWO Mini Guider Scope. This guide scope is compatible with all ASI cameras. Parameters: Lens Diameter: 30 mm. Focal Length: 120 mm. Weight (include guider ring and dovetail): 250 g. Back Focus: adjustable,(0~20 mm). Focuser Type: front part focuser.

What is the size of the guider scope?

Guider scope with optic diamter: 60 mm, focal length: 280 mm, weight (include guider ring and dovetail): 640 g, back focus: 15 mm, focuser type: rotate focuser, tube travel: 30 mmm, dovetail: include 5 1/4″ screw. Some test images shows very good optical quality!

What is the warranty policy for Zwo products?

ZWO will provide a 2-year free warranty service (Warranty Period) for ZWO products purchased by Users from ZWO (“Products”) in accordance with this Policy, commencing on the day following receipt of the Products by Users. For ASIAIR Plus users, commencing on the day of device activation.

Is this guide scope compatible with all ASI cameras?

This guide scope is compatible with all ASI cameras. Dovetail includes 1/4″ screw hole. Fast Shipping: we will choose DHL, UPS, FedEx etc to deliver it. Usually you will get your package within 7-14 days. Fast Shipping (amount < 199USD) : $20.00 (We do not provide free shipping from now on.)

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