How do you get free crates on Mineplex?

How do you get free crates on Mineplex?

As far as I know, there are four different ways to obtain crates.

  1. Linking your account.
  2. Claiming your daily reward from carl the creeper for the first time.
  3. Using shards.
  4. Monthly bonus crates from ranks.

How do you get stuff on Mineplex?

If you would like to buy ranks and any other items on the bedrock shop, you can access it by joining the server, opening your menu and going to ‘mineplex store’. You can buy items there using minecoins which can be bought by real life currency. Hope this helps you.

How do you get gems fast on Mineplex?

As other players have mentioned on the post, playing games that you’re good at is the most enjoyable way to earn gems. I personally love to play Cakewars with friends, Skywars, and even Mixed Arcade for gems. I personally love to play Skywars as you can play solo and it allows you to grind quicker for gems and XP.

What game on Mineplex gives the most gems?

In my experience, Bomb Lobbers is the game that gives the most Gems, Shards, and XP in the least amount of time.

How do you get chests on Mineplex?

Hey ruskels, in order to purchase a chest in-game you have to go on the chest plot, there is 4 around every lobby, right-click on a chest that you want to purchase, confirm the purchase by clicking on the green emerald block and you will have the chest that you purchased, to open the chest, just simply left click on it …

How do you get bedrock shards in Mineplex?

Ways to obtain Shards

  1. Collect them from a Treasure Party Bomb.
  2. Get them from Game Loot (rare).
  3. Find them in Treasure Chests from Duplicates.
  4. Playing Games and Earning Gems.
  5. Various Morphs.
  6. Win them in a spin (Carl Ticket).
  7. Collect the daily reward.
  8. Valentines Gifts (rare) 130-150 Shards.

What does GBOX mean in Minecraft?

“Gboxes” or “God boxes” are items that were spawned in by hackers. Item spawning has been fixed now though, so there isn’t a way to get any more of them. I’d also advise against using the items, as it puts you at a risk of being banned for using unobtainable items. Sorry about that.

Can I buy gems on Mineplex?

Hello! Sadly gems can only buy you kits from games and nothing else.

Can you buy Mineplex gems?

Gems are the main form of currency used on Mineplex. They were announced on July 2nd, 2013, and released on July 6th, 2013. Gems can be acquired in a variety of ways, mainly by playing minigames. Currently, Gems are only used for buying kits; in turn, they are the only currency to have any gameplay impact.

What do you do with shards on Mineplex?

Shards are used to purchase chests in the main lobby’s day only the main lobby on bedrock, tap the chest, pick which one you want to use the shards for, the chests give you morphs, gadgets, pets, and different particle affects.

What gives you the most shards in Mineplex?

Well I would say the top three games for the most shards would be Dragons, Skywars, & Mob Arena. I would say the top worst for shards would be Turf Wars, Cake Wars, & Micro Battles. Treasure Party Bombs get you about 1-2 thousand shards each (if the bomb is for you and no one else).

What do u do with shards in Mineplex?

How do you join the Mineplex server?

Join the server. Click the Mineplex server and select Join Server. You should show up in the Mineplex world almost immediately! To get started playing games, open your inventory and click the “Items” to navigate the Mineplex menu.

How to go on Hypixel in Minecraft?

Go to Minecraft

  • Select multiplayer
  • Select add server
  • Set servername to anything
  • Set ip to
  • Click add server
  • Click that server you added
  • Click join server
  • Play
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