How do you get more villages in Stronghold Kingdoms?

How do you get more villages in Stronghold Kingdoms?

To gain additional villages (up to a maximum of 25), a player must reach certain ranks, and complete further research in Leadership and Captains. Villages may be gained by either attacking another player using the capture command, or by buying village charters.

How do you make money in Stronghold Kingdoms?

Trade to Earn Stronghold Kingdoms Gold You can start trade to earn more gold by trading to the parish and capitals in game. Depending on the market conditions, you may be able to reap rich gold rewards by trading smart at good times. Trading can be one of the best way to make gold in Stronghold Kingdoms.

How do you get points in Stronghold Kingdoms?

These points are calculated by the number of buildings in their villages, number of castle pieces and their rank. Village building points are earned once the building is completed, the castle points when the piece is placed, if buildings/pieces are destroyed or deleted, the points are removed also.

How do you sell items in Stronghold Kingdoms?

To trade at the stock exchange: Select the village from which you wish to trade, then click on the parish capital you wish to trade with, then select market. This will take you into the stock exchange screen. From here you have the option of buying or selling goods.

How do you get gold in Stronghold HD?

Acquiring gold

  1. The Market. The market is a reliable source of trade and resources. It is needed for resource exchanges in most games and every resource is needed to be traded manually.
  2. The Treasury. A place to store the kingdom’s gold.
  3. Killing players. (SH, SHC)
  4. Estates. (SH2, SHL)

How do you get Honor fast in Stronghold Kingdoms?

These methods include creating banquet buildings and holding banquets, building additional decoration buildings for passive honor gain daily with higher honor multiplier, and attack/destroying enemies camps, defending Stronghold Kingdom castles from attack, be the first to scout stashes, and lastly use strategy cards …

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