How do you get to sub-level 13?

How do you get to sub-level 13?

To find the place, head to Titan Industrial Facility and go all the way to the big, open area past where you first met Gladstone. Here, you can find an area that leads underground, which is where the exit to Sub-Level 13 is located.

Where is SubLevel 13 borderlands pre sequel?

Titan Industrial Facility
The Hidden Area Sub-Level 13 can be found during a side mission from Davis Pickle in “Outlands Canyon”. Follow the mission to the “Titan Industrial Facility” where you find the entrance. Sub-Level 13 has 1 hidden vault symbol.

How do I get to vorago solitude?

Grab a Stingray or Lunar Buggy, then make your way towards the objective marker at Bradman’s Quarry on the southern end of the Flats. Wait for Jack to clear the debris with the Helios plasma cannon, then go through the travel gate into Vorago Solitude.

What is sub level?

Definition of sublevel : a level that is lower than or subordinate to another level a sublevel garage The 60 words were divided into nine separate groups based on grade levels and sublevels.—

Where is RK5?

Outfall Pumping Station
Multiple copies of RK5 can be seen at Outfall Pumping Station. They are static and only serve as game scenery.

Where is outfall pumping station?

Anchorsholme Park is located on the coast 4 miles north of Blackpool Tower. The outfall pumping station project is the second of three phases contributing to improving bathing waters on the Fylde coast.

What is sub energy level?

A sublevel is an energy level defined by quantum theory. In chemistry, sublevels refer to energies associated with electrons. In physics, sublevels may also refer to energies associated with the nucleus. Shell 5 can hold up to 50 electrons,…

What is the p sublevel shaped like?

Each of the four sublevels have a specific shape or area where electrons can be found. As shown in Figure 3.6, the s sublevel has a spherical shape, the p sublevel has a dumbbell shape, and the d sublevel has a four leaf clover shape.

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