How do you know if Nocks travel?

How do you know if Nocks travel?

Fortunately, you can tell a lot about a bow’s sideways nock travel just by looking at it. Before you draw the bow, hold it out in front of you and sight down the string. Line the cams up and see if they and the string form a straight line. If they don’t, the bow likely has tuning issues.

Why do you want to nock the arrow at 90 degrees?

A loop saves wear and tear on your string, but make sure your release is not too long for the loss of draw length. When your bow is drawn, you want to have your arrow resting at a 90 degree angle to the string. (If you have a drop away rest the rest will rise when the bow is drawn.)

What does Nock high mean?

Post count: 2375. #62972. As Troy says, it usually means the nock set is too high on the string. But it can also mean it is too low. If it is too low, the arrow will bounce off the shelf and give you a nock high flight.

What does Nock low mean?

NOCK LOW – The arrow nock kicks down, resulting in a higher impact. NOCK LEFT – The arrow nock kicks left, resulting in an impact to the right. (This is for a right hand shooter.) 1) Weak arrow spine – If you have room to cut, shorten arrow.

What distance do you tune a nock?

Use the Bare Shaft Planing Test to find the correct nocking point location. Shoot at least three fletched shafts at a distance of 15 to 20 yards (or meters).

Why do Nocks tune arrows?

The nock tuning process is a natural way of finding each arrow’s stiff side—or weak side— to consistently match all of your hunting arrows to each other. The resulting outcome is a set of arrows that will be far more accurate than if they were simply pulled from the box and shot.

How high should Nocks be?

For barebow archers, start your nocking point a half-inch high, unless you’re shooting a drop-away rest like the Zniper. In that case, start your nocking point a 1/8 inch high. Olympic recurve and traditional archers should start the nocking point 3/8 inches high.

Does brace height affect nock point?

Changing brace height does not change nocking point. The nock is still in the same place, only the limb tips are moving forward or back because the string is becoming shorter or longer. Changing tiller changes nock point.

How do I stop Nock pinching?

If your nock pinch is too much, the simple fix is to make a small increase in the width of your nock points or nocking loop. I want to stress it may only take one millimeter to make sure you are set up correctly.

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