How do you make a detailed view in Creo?

How do you make a detailed view in Creo?

Once a detailed view is placed on the drawing sheet, you can modify the view, using the Drawing View dialog box.

  1. Open a drawing.
  2. Click Layout > Detailed.
  3. Select a point in an existing drawing view that you want to enlarge in a detailed view.
  4. Sketch a spline encompassing the area that you want to show in detail.

What is a detail view drawing?

You create a detail view in a drawing to show a portion of a view, usually at an enlarged scale. This detail may be of an orthographic view, a non-planar (isometric) view, a section view, a crop view, an exploded assembly view, or another detail view.

How do I change my details in Creo?

To change Detail View settings, 1. Click File > Settings > View 2D > View Settings. The Default Settings browser opens with View Settings.

What do you mean by detail view?

n. 1 an item or smaller part that is considered separately; particular. 2 an item or circumstance that is insignificant or unimportant. passengers’ comfort was regarded as a detail. 3 treatment of or attention to items or particulars.

How do I create a section view in Creo?

To create a section view,

  1. Click Annotation and then, in the Setup group, click the arrow next to Dep View.
  2. Click Create Section View. The Section View dialog box opens.
  3. Click to complete the operation.

How do I create a local section view in Creo?

How to show local section view in CREO PARAMETRIC drawing?

  1. Create a section in the model.
  2. Select the view on which you want to create the local section.
  3. Right Click-> Proprieties (or double click on the view).
  4. Go to Sections and select 2D cross-section.
  5. Pick your section in the lower window.

How can I see a detail view?

To create a detail view:

  1. Click Detail View. (Drawing toolbar), or click Insert > Drawing View > Detail.
  2. The Detail View PropertyManager appears and the Circle tool. is active.
  3. Sketch a circle.
  4. When the view is where you want it to be, click to place the view.

What is the importance of detailed drawing?

A detail drawing provides complete and precise descriptions of a part’s dimensions, shape and how it is manufactured. A detail drawing should be concise, in that it conveys only the information needed to create the part.

What is an example of a detail sentence?

Detail sentence example. I related in detail what I’d learned on line. She was tense and waiting while his eyes took in every detail of her face.

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