How do you make a geopolymer?

How do you make a geopolymer?

Geopolymer concrete can be produced by adopting the conventional techniques used in the manufacture of Portland cement concrete. In the laboratory, the fly ash and the aggregates were first mixed together dry in an 80-litre capacity pan mixer for about three minutes.

How do you make a concrete geopolymer?

Geopolymers are prepared by dissolution and poly- condensations reactions between an aluminosilicate binder and an alkaline silicate solution such as a mixture of an alkali metal silicate and metal hydroxide.

How strong is geopolymer?

Geopolymers can be tailored to have highly workable properties as a result of its water retention ability, while having a shear stress of ∼80 Pa at a shear rate of 110 s−1 and compressive strengths of ∼40 MPa at 7 days curing ages (Geddes et al., 2018).

How do you make Metakaolin?

Metakaolin is a highly reactive pozzolana formed by the calcinations of kaolinite (China clay). It has to be processed in a burning process like cement, although the temperature of production is between 700 and 900 °C as opposed to 1450 °C in the case of cement.

Is geopolymer concrete more expensive?

Geopolymer concrete is a very versatile material and also cost effective when compared to OPC concrete. For M30 grade of GPC concrete the cost of production is marginally (1.7%) higher than OPC concrete of the same grade whereas for M50 grade, the cost of OPC concrete is 11% higher than GPC of same grade.

What is the difference between polymer and geopolymer?

Geopolymers are inorganic, typically ceramic, alumino-silicate forming long-range, covalently bonded, non-crystalline (amorphous) networks. Polymers are either organic material, i.e. carbon-based, or inorganic polymer, for example silicon-based.

Is code mix design of concrete?

Concrete is a heterogeneous and hardened mass obtained from a mixture of cement, sand, coarse aggregate and water, in a certain proportion. This is known as Mix Design of Concrete, which follows some certain principles, devised by IS:10262,2009. …

Is geopolymer concrete expensive?

Is geopolymer concrete used in India?

Utilization of geopolymer concrete brings economy in construction; reduce pollution and less harmful to the environment. So far in India, geopolymer concrete has been used in the Delhi Metro Project. Thus it can be considered that Geopolymer concrete, as a replacement for Portland cement has wide scope in India.

What is the difference between metakaolin and kaolin?

As nouns the difference between metakaolin and kaolin is that metakaolin is a dehydroxylated form of the clay mineral kaolinite while kaolin is a fine clay, rich in kaolinite, used in ceramics, paper-making, etc.

Is metakaolin a geopolymer?

Geopolymerization is a reaction of silicon (Si) and aluminum (Al) in natural source material such as metakaolin (MK) or in byproduct materials such as fly ash with alkali activators that leads to the formation of geopolymer binders [5,6].

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