How do you make a reflux still condenser?

How do you make a reflux still condenser?

To build the Condenser Jacket follow the below instructions:

  1. Step 1 – Drill a 1 1/8” hole in one of the two 1 ½” End Cap.
  2. Step 2 – Drill a 5/8″ hole in the other 1 ½” End Cap.
  3. Step 3 – Cut a 17 ½ ” length of 1 ½” copper pipe.
  4. Step 4 – Cut 2 – 2 ½ ” lengths of 1 ½” copper pipe.

What temperature should you run a reflux still?

If, for example, 90°C / 194°F is the optimal head temperature for your reflux still column to collect alcohol, if the temperature increases during the distillation, the distiller can increase the reflux ratio and thereby increase the amount of ABV being sent over to the product condenser.

What is a Boka still?

The Boka Reflux still is a simple and effective design perfect for anyone looking for a small stove top still. This design uses Liquid Management (LM) to control reflux and so it is classified as a LM column reflux still.

What temp do you run a moonshine still?

You will not make any cuts at the different temperatures like you would with a typical pot distillation. Collect until the temperature reaches about 207°F/208°F (97°C/98°C). Turn off your heat source, but continue to run the cooling water until there is no vapor left in the moonshine still.

What temperature is best for moonshine mash?

Heat 5 gallons of mash water up to 165F. Turn off heat when target temperature is reached and stir in the 8.5 pounds of corn. Stir the mash continuously for about 5 minutes then stir for a few seconds every five minutes until the temperature drops to 152F. Once the target temp is met, stir in the malted barley.

What is the purpose of a reflux still?

Unlike pot stills, reflux stills are designed to create higher proof with little to no flavor alcohol. Inside the still is a fractioning column that allows the reflux of liquid to help condense the rising vapor and increase the efficiency of distilling, thus increasing purity.

Do you make cuts with a reflux still?

A more complex still with a chamber called the ‘reflux’ condenser, where steam is filtered and some of the unwanted elements are returned to the boiling vessel. You don’t need to make ‘cuts’ on this type of still (only discarding the foreshots).

Do you have DIY kits for making moonshine stills?

We will soon have plans to build a moonshine still available. In the meantime, we have DIY kits for several different stills. All the parts are precut and ready for assembly.

What is a moongmoonshine still?

Moonshine has been around for a long time and there are many types of stills today as the designs have evolved over time. It started with a simple pot still that has 4 components: the fire, the pot, the condenser and something to collect it in. Oh, let’s not forget the mash.

How do you collect distillate from a reflux still?

File the edges so they are smooth and all the burrs are removed. Next let’s cut the slots in the column for the upper and lower copper collecting plates we just made. These plates will collect distillate from the condenser and allow it to exit the reflux still via the needle valve.

What is a reflux still?

A Reflux still can produce high proof alcohol in a single run because it effectively re-distills the alcohol multiple times within the column before it is drawn off by the condenser. This is one of it’s biggest advantages over a pot still .

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