How do you make iron hands?

How do you make iron hands?

Train all manner of closed hand strikes on the bag.

  1. Punching. Clench the fist properly, with the thumb outside, and strike with the first two knuckles.
  2. Hammer-fist. Using the clenched fist, strike with the edge.
  3. Back-fist. With the back of the fist, contact the bag with the first two knuckles.

What is Daemonculaba?

The Daemonculaba was the name given to the individuals used in the attempt to create new Chaos Space Marines from the mutated womb of a Human female, making use of the uncorrupted gene-seed stolen from the Imperial Fists’ repository on the world of Hydra Cordatus.

How did the Horus Heresy affect the Iron Warriors?

For the Iron Warriors Legion the Horus Heresy came as the culmination of a series of reversals and fell tragedies that had occurred in the latter years of the Great Crusade, stalked the Legion and by their effect both deranged and twisted is Legionaries.

Why did the Iron Warriors need the Astartes gene-seed?

The Imperial Fists had always been the most hated foes of the Iron Warriors since the days of the Horus Heresy but the Iron Warriors needed fresh Astartes gene-seed to grow their numbers since the power of Chaos tended to mutate their own gene-seed to the point that it was unsuitable to create new Chaos Space Marines.

Why were the Iron Warriors ordered to join the Iron Hands?

The Iron Warriors were ordered to join the Iron Hands and five other Loyalist Legions in a task force intended to crush the nascent rebellion against Imperial rule in the Istvaan System .

How was the Iron Warriors Legion provisioned?

At every level the Iron Warriors Legion was formidably provisioned in arms and wargear, from several thousand operational suits of Tactical Dreadnought Armour of every pattern to munitions reserves estimated to exceed that of several other Legions combined.

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