How do you open a tuttnauer?

How do you open a tuttnauer?

The “Door Open” symbol will be replaced with “System Ready” on the screen once the door is closed. Should the Door Open symbol remain on the screen, gently pressing on the door will engage the lock and secure the door. Start the cycle by pressing the START/STOP key.

How do you open a locked autoclave?


  1. Wait for the chamber temperature (green arrow) to fall below 100 degrees Centigrade.
  2. Use gloves when opening the autoclave door.
  3. Unseal the door slowly by spinning the locking wheel counterclockwise.
  4. Open the door slowly, just a crack at first.

What are the steps to autoclave?

Five steps of autoclave sterilization

  1. Place the items to be sterilized in the autoclave. The door is locked.
  2. A vacuum pump sucks the air from the chamber.
  3. The temperature reaches the correct level.
  4. Steam kills bacteria and microbes.
  5. Steam is released, the door is opened and items are ready for use.

How do you troubleshoot an autoclave?

7 Common Autoclave Problems You Should be Aware Of

  1. The sterilizer won’t reach the temperature set-point.
  2. The load is damaged by the autoclave.
  3. Goods are not sterilized.
  4. The load is wet after the sterilization cycle has ended — even with drying time.
  5. A large liquid load causes the sterilization cycle to abort.

How do you drain a tuttnauer 2540m?

Tuttnauer Maintenance It is best practice to have a drain tube connected to the barb that is attached to the valve which will make it easier to drain the water directly into a bucket. After draining the water, simply close the valves and replenish the water you’ve drained with fresh distilled water.

When can I open the autoclave?

Wait until the autoclave has cooled prior to opening the door. Most autoclaves have safety interlocks that prevent the door from opening when the temperature inside is greater than 80°C; however, a puff of steam may be ejected if the autoclave is opened immediately after the cycle.

At what temp Can I open autoclave?

To be effective, the autoclave must reach and maintain a temperature of 121° C for at least 30 minutes by using saturated steam under at least 15 psi of pressure. Increased cycle time may be necessary depending upon the make-up and volume of the load. The rate of exhaust will depend upon the nature of the load.

How do I contact Tuttnauer Tech service?

Models E, EK, EA, EKA, EZ and EZ10K Cat. No. MAN205-0310001EN Rev. C Tuttnauer USA Co., Ltd., 25 Power Drive, Hauppauge, NY 11788, USA, \f: (800) 624 5836, (631) 737 4850, Tech Service ext. 772, ax: (631) 737 0720, Tech Service fax (631) 737 4855 e-mail: [email protected] This manual is intended for the qualified technician.

How do I activate the warranty on my Tuttnauer product?

This warranty will be void if the unit is not purchased from an authorized Tuttnauer dealer. To activate the warranty, the registration card must be completed and returned to Tuttnauer within fourteen (14) days of purchase or you may call Customer Service at 1 800 624 5836.

How are the ohms taken on the Tuttnauer “E” series machines?

For the Tuttnauer “E” series machines The heating elements on the Automatic Units are wired in a parallel configuration. Therefore, the ohm readings taken on the Automatic Units can be taken across the two terminals of any heating element with the same result. Model STE Ohms STE Amps Individual Elements Ohms

Does Tuttnauer charge for transportation to and from the autoclave?

All transportation charges to and from Tuttnauer are the responsibility of the owner of the autoclave. During the first 30 days after purchasing a new autoclave, Tuttnauer will pay shipping costs on an individually evaluated basis and ONLYwith pre-approval.

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