How do you open the door in speaking with silence?

How do you open the door in speaking with silence?

There is a door on your right that can be picked for some potions. Continue on and watch your step as there are bear traps set up, and Draugrs about. After killing all the Draugrs you should eventually come to a gate. Use the chain on the left to open it.

Where is Mercer Frey after speaking with silence?

Journey to Snow Veil Sanctum, which is northeast of Windhelm. When you arrive you will find an abandoned camp near the entrance along with a dead horse. Continuing onward, you will see Mercer Frey waiting outside the ruin’s entrance.

Where is the key for speaking with silence?

You can find it by traveling South East of Winterhold and North Northeast of Windhelm. The Main entrance is locked and requires a key to open it. The door is unlocked during the quest Speaking With Silence.

What do you say to Mercer Frey?

Mercer Frey is a Breton rogue, and the initial guildmaster of the Thieves Guild. He can typically be found behind his desk in the Ragged Flagon Cistern….Loud and Clear[edit]

Your Dialogue Mercer’s Dialogue
“I’m not sure.” “If you’re not sure maybe you don’t belong here. I’ll ask again, are we clear on all of this?”

How do I get Mercer Frey to open the door?

Fus Ro Dah him down the stairs then push him to where Lydia is standing. That spot contains a trigger which will activate the next part of Mercer’s dialogue and open the door.

How do you get to Yngol Barrow?

The area contains a puzzle door that requires the coral dragon claw to open, which can be found either from Birna in Winterhold or within the barrow itself, located on a pedestal past a puzzle room.

What happens if Mercer Frey dies?

If you attempt to kill Mercer Frey before his appointed time, he will merely be incapacitated. That’s because he’s considered essential up until that point. You could kill him with console commands, but that might interfere with the quest line.

Why won’t Mercer open the door?

What is the pattern in Yngol Barrow?

The combination is found on the coral dragon claw, which you may find on a pedestal earlier in the barrow, or by visiting Birna in Winterhold. The correct combination for the puzzle door is (starting from the outer ring): Snake—Wolf—Moth. There are no negative consequences for incorrect guesses.

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