How do you play Meepo guide?

How do you play Meepo guide?

The key to playing Meepo effectively is to micromanage the clones and have them accomplish things all across the map simultaneously. For instance, the clones can be individually commanded to stack neutral camps, and then congregated to farm them, all while another Meepo is last-hitting lane creeps.

Is Meepo easy?

The gameplay of Meepo is actually quite simple. To be able to win games you are not even required to win the lane or to make any ganks. All you have to do is to flash-farm jungle until you get your key items and then gather up with your teammates to finish the game. Once you get to level 4, the real Meepo game begins.

Is Meepo good DOTA?

A decent Meepo player can single-handedly dominate a match by themselves. While it may sound unfair for a single hero to have that kind of impact, Meepo is far from being a “solo” hero. His ability to clone himself up to four times makes him one of the game’s most unique heroes.

How do you switch between meepos?

If you want to shift queue an action for each of them you have to do it the following way :

  1. Send the group (walking for example) wherever you want.
  2. Hold Shift.
  3. Queue action for the first Meepo.
  4. release Shift.
  5. Tab to the second one.
  6. Hold Shift.
  7. Queue action for the second Meepo >
  8. release Shift.

Is Meepo a strong hero?

Originally Answered: Is meepo really a hard hero? Yes he is. He’s one of the hardest heroes in DoTA to play correctly. In my opinion, he (or they, once he gets his ult) and Invoker are at the top of that spectrum.

Is Meepo good late game?

Summary. Meepo is falsely considered to be a midgame-only hero and to be useless once everyone hits 25. This build makes him a viable threat from level 11 onward, and provides for end-game core to replace early core if the game is dragged out long enough to get them.

Can you use macros in Dota?

Valve has disqualified a Dota 2 team from its upcoming The International 2018 for using a programmable gaming mouse. This caught the attention of the Dota 2 subreddit, who in turn accused AtuuN of leveraging a software macro—a process that lets players roll complex button combos into fewer/single clicks.

Is Meepo the best hero in Dota?

Meepo is one of the most unique heroes in all of Dota, with the ability to split into up to five bodies due to Divided We Stand. While he requires intensive micro-management, once mastered Meepo is capable of farming, pushing and ganking (maybe all at once) more successfully than most other heroes in the game.

How do I select which Meepo to use?

Use this as an audio cue to determine which Meepo is selected. You can bind a shortcut to each Meepo by doing Ctrl + a number. Attach the number 2 to 5 to the clones and 1 for the main Meepo, the shortcut will be saved for every game. This allows you to control individual clones with greater ease.

How to play Meepo with clones?

Attach the number 2 to 5 to the clones and 1 for the main Meepo, the shortcut will be saved for every game. This allows you to control individual clones with greater ease. Playing Meepo well demands strong micromanagement skills, as well as a powerful sense of map awareness.

How do you bait a Meepo ultimate?

You can take the Chain Frost like a man, select your main Meepo, make it run somewhere, press TAB and make your clone move somewhere else until you have separated all your Meepo s or you can attempt to bait his ultimate. You will need a Blink Dagger for this.

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