How do you put a Juwel background on?

How do you put a Juwel background on?

Use the enclosed saw to cut the background to size. Follow the installation instructions on the product packaging. Use JUWEL Conexo high-strength adhesive to achieve the best possible hold in your aquarium. Apply spots of the adhesive to the background and then carefully place it in position.

How long do Juwel Aquariums last?

9-12 months.

What filter comes on juwel 180?

Bioflow 3.0 filter
Bioflow 3.0 filter system and heater For optimum filtering, the VISION 180 is fitted with a high-performance Bioflow 3.0. This internal filter combines efficiency with safety and forms the centrepiece of any JUWEL aquarium.

Why won’t my JUWEL aquarium lights work?

The most common reason for a Juwel light unit to stop working is because one or both of the fluorescent tubes have blown. Try replacing these first. Faulty plug sockets and extensions are another big problem.

Can you put background inside tank?

You just need to slide the background inside your aquarium. You can have water in your fish tank and even fish and other decoration. It’s recommended to drain some water to avoid spillage during sliding the background inside your tank. You can squeeze the background inside the substrate, so it will support it.

What colours does the Juwel vision 180 come in?

It is available in four stylish colours: black, dark wood, beech and white. Even though the 180 is Juwel’s smallest in the Vision model range, it is certainly large enough for tropical or saltwater applications.

Are Juwel vision aquariums a smart choice?

As you can see, there are many reasons why Juwel Vision aquariums are a smart choice. The only hard part is in choosing which model and color to purchase! The 180 model is the smallest of the three at a width of 92 cm. It is available in four stylish colours: black, dark wood, beech and white.

What is the largest Juwel vision?

The largest of the Juwel Vision is the 450, measuring a whopping 151 cm wide! The base is a gorgeous stand with more than enough room for any and all things aquatic.! The 450 model only comes in black, dark wood, and beech, however. How to decide which vision model is right for you?

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