How do you search UN docs?

How do you search UN docs?

UN Documentation: How to Find UN Documents You can search for Resolutions in the UN Digital Library by using words that appear in the Title, e.g. “Multilingualism”. You will be able to access all documents pertaining to your chosen Title and select a particular Resolution from the list.

How do I find my UN number?

Each UN document has a unique symbol at the top right of the document or on the cover page. All language versions of a document have the same symbol. Symbols include both letters and numbers.

What are the key documents of the United Nations?

Key Documents

  • UN Charter.
  • Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  • Convention on the Rights of the Child.
  • Statute of the International Court of Justice.

How do you find UN reports?

Many reports are available in the Digital Library where they can be searched by title or subject….Reports and Studies

  1. Reports of Principal Organs to the General Assembly.
  2. Reports of the Secretary-General.
  3. Reports of UN bodies (including sessional reports)
  4. Flagship reports.

What are UN reports?

UN bodies publish flagship reports to share information about the work of the organization with the public. These reports usually come out annually to report global or regional statistics on a certain topic. They often have a theme for the year.

What is a UN report?

What are flagship reports?

The flagship reports address questions that confront policy-makers, researchers, implementers, and other practitioners. They are a key instrument in promoting ideas that address current gaps or challenges, and in stimulating thinking and debate on priority topics identified by stakeholders in the field.

How do I report to the UN?

Investigations hotline

  1. To provide confidential reports of waste, fraud, mismanagement or other wrongdoing in the United Nations, please contact OIOS:
  2. Call hotline at:
  3. + 1 212 963 1111 (24 hours a day)

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