How do you teach question marks?

How do you teach question marks?

Play with tone and pitch in the classroom by giving out questions and getting children to read them with different intonation. Have fun with it and get them excited! Hopefully next time they ask something in their writing they will add that question mark – won’t they?

How do you write a punctuation mark lesson plan?


  1. Begin the lesson by writing the words ”In your room” on the board.
  2. Then, ask the rest of the class what punctuation is needed at the end of the sentence.
  3. Change the period to an exclamation point.
  4. Change the exclamation point to a question mark.

What is the difference between a period and a question mark?

If a sentence otherwise ends with a question mark or exclamation point, the period is omitted. If a sentence ends with an abbreviation, the period used for the abbreviation also serves as the period for the sentence. This is true even if the abbreviation is contained within a quotation.

What is a question mark lesson?

A question mark is a punctuation mark that is used following a question in a sentence. It functions as both an indicator of a question and a full stop at the sentence.

What is question mark and examples?

Learn about our Editorial Process. Updated on July 19, 2018. A question mark (?) is a punctuation symbol placed at the end of a sentence or phrase to indicate a direct question, as in: She asked, “Are you happy to be home?” The question mark is also called an interrogation point, note of interrogation, or question …

How do you introduce punctuation to students?

I would suggest starting with a question mark, comma, period, and exclamation point. Next, read some simple sentences out loud. Use the correct inflections and clear pauses to help the students identify which card is correct. The students will then pop up the card with the correct punctuation mark by holding it up.

What is period mark?

What is a Period? A period is a small dot-shaped punctuation mark that is used at the end of any sentence that is intended to make a statement. As with other punctuation marks that end sentences, the period should be placed directly behind the last letter of the last word of the sentence.

What sentence ends with a period?

declarative sentence
A period marks the end of a declarative sentence: a statement of fact. The bus had twenty rows of seats. Today is my birthday. A period can also be used to end an imperative sentence, i.e., a sentence that gives a command.

What is the use of period?

Periods are punctuation marks used to separate sentences or elements of reference lists. Use a period in the following instances. To end a complete sentence. Note that you should use only one space between sentences after a period or other ending punctuation.

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