How do you unlink a number on the Vodacom App?

How do you unlink a number on the Vodacom App?

A cellphone number can be unlinked from an online profile at any time by sending “unlink (and the cellphone number to be unlinked)” in an SMS to 31050. For example, SMS “unlink 0821111111” to 31050.

How do I activate Vodacom family share?

All sharing must be done via the Vodacom online channels and the My Vodacom App, where the sharing subscriber will be required to register and login to perform the sharing.

How do you share data from Vodacom to Vodacom?

How do I transfer a data bundle?

  1. Dial *135# and select ‘Buy bundles and services’.
  2. Select ‘Data bundles’.
  3. Select ‘For another number’.
  4. Enter recipient’s Vodacom number.
  5. Select the data bundle to transfer.

How do I activate Vodacom data share?

To get Data Sharing SIM Call 082 135, FREE from a Vodacom cellphone.

How do you unlink numbers?

If for some reason wrong contacts have been linked, you can easily unlink them from the contacts app. Tap on the contact to open its details and then tap on the main menu at the top-right corner and select “View linked contacts”. Now tap on the “Unlink” button and all the contacts will be unlinked.

How do I check if my Vodacom number is active?

Dial *111*501# from your cellphone.

How do I transfer data from one number to another?

*147# USSD:

  1. Dial *147# from your phone.
  2. Select 3 “Send Data & Airtime”
  3. Select 1 “Send Data”
  4. Enter the phone number of the person you wish to send the data to OR selecr from your list of beneficiaries.
  5. Select the bundle you wish to send data from.
  6. Enter the amount of data you wish to send.

How do I transfer Vodacom data to another phone?

How to transfer data

  1. To get started dial *135#
  2. Access “Services” via the services selection.
  3. Select “Next” to access the next menu.
  4. Choose the “Data Transfer” option.
  5. Pick the data bundle you wish to transfer.
  6. Select the amount of data you wish to transfer to your recipient.
  7. Choose your recipient.
  8. Confirm your selection.

How do I transfer data to another number?

How do I share data to another number?

There are different ways to share data with a friend. You can send 10 MB by entering *141*712*11*phone number#. If you want to send 25 MB, you can dial *141*712*9*phone number#. In case you would like to send 60 MB, then you can enter *141*712*4*phone number#.

Why are my contacts linked?

The link contacts feature allows you to merge multiple numbers or contact information of a person under a single contact name to avoid clutter and offer quick access. By default, your Android phone automatically links other information like Gmail address or WhatsApp account with the contact number if possible.

What does a linked contact mean?

A Linked Contact is a way to link one contact to a related contact. For instance, you might want to link all the employees of a specific department. To do this, open one of those contacts and scroll down to the bottom.

What is a Vodacom code?

There are several Vodacom codes that you are supposed to be dialled on your phone so that you get a specific service. All kinds of phones, whether Android, iPhone or the one with buttons. All the codes have a combination of symbols and numbers.

Is it MTN or Vodacom 082?

Most South Africans know that 082 is a Vodacom number and 083 is MTN, but with the multitude of new number codes it can be confusing to know which network you are dialling. Before the advent of mobile phones, it was easy to see who you were calling: 01 – The old Transvaal province (now Gauteng, Mpumalanga, Limpopo, and part of the North West)

Who can use Vodacom financial services?

Anyone with a South African phone number and bank account can use the service. Vodacom Financial Services also offer a range of insurance products such as device, life, funeral, health cover and business cover as well as a range of assistance packages covering home appliance and motor assistance.

How to find Vodacom USSD code 135?

It is added to the monthly bill of contract customers. Dial *135# and follow the service menu that pops up if you want to see the amount of data of have. 135 is also the Vodacom internet settings USSD code. Now that you know the various Vodacom USSD codes, you can have an easy time accessing various SIM services.

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