How do you use Sokkia?

How do you use Sokkia?

Outline Setting up Sokkia SET 4BII Total Stations

  1. Attach and setup SDR33 data recorder if you are using one .
  2. Turn Instrument ON.
  3. Loosen the clamp on the telescope.
  4. Rotate the telescope about the vertical axis by 360°.
  5. Rotate the telescope about the horizontal axis by 360°.
  6. Configure the total station.

What is Za in total station?

HD = SD cos(90° – ZA) = SD sin(ZA) (1) Where SD is the slope distance and ZA is the zenith angle. The horizontal distance will be used in the coordinate calculations. Vertical distance. We can consider two vertical distances. One is the Elevation Difference (dZ) between the two points on the ground.

Can total station be used for leveling?

The indirect leveling method using total station for leveling is considered to have due accuracy, applications of the indirect leveling is gradually expanding for public works such as construction of roads, airports and cities.

What is the difference b’n total station and theodolite?

A theodolite can be mechanical or electronic. A total station can measure angles and distances electronically and process trigonometrically to give us, at a minimum, position coordinates in space.

How a total station works?

A Total Station is a modern surveying instrument that integrates an electronic theodolite with an electronic distance meter. Total Stations use electronic transit theodolites in conjunction with a distance meter to read any slope distance from the instrument to any particular spot.

What is a zenith angle in surveying?

INSTRUMENTS These are items of equipment surveyors use for measurements of various types: Vertical Angle Also known as the Zenith angle, it is the angle measured from directly above (the zenith) – so perfectly horizontal will have a vertical angle of 90°.

What is the difference between total station and auto level?

Uses of Each Instrument Choosing a total station or an auto level depends on hat kind of work you’re doing. If you have zero coordinates or one coordinate, or you have two points, then a total station will work best.

How do you use theodolite?

How do you use a Theodolite?

  1. Mark the point that the theodolite will be set up at, usually with a surveyor’s nail or a stake.
  2. Place the tripod legs in the ground, making sure it’s at eye-level so measurements can still be taken, with the center of the mounting plate directly above the nail or stake.

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