How do you use Stametta body fluid?

How do you use Stametta body fluid?

Usage instructions: Using a measuring tool, take 50-100ml three to four times per week. 3. Drink water after taking the liquid. Bodicare Stametta Body Healing Liquid can be used for various conditions.

What does Stametta do in the body?

The selected herbal mixture (HM), Stametta™ Body healing liquid, is common in retail outlets in Pretoria, South Africa (SA) and is used as an immune booster or intended to strengthen the body.

Is Stameta a laxative?

Stameta provides you with the laxative that cares about your bowel system health. You won’t have any problems when nature calls. Stameta cares for you. Stameta provides you with the laxative that cares about your bowel system health.

What time should I drink Stameta?

Drink water after using Stameta™. Used for alleviating menstrual pain, general pain. Take one 5 ml teaspoon in hot water or with tea every morning until the course is finished. Not for children under 14 years of age and pregnant women.

Can I drink Stameta while breastfeeding?

No, it is not safe to drink stameta while breastfeeding.

What is stametta body healing liquid 500ml?

Stametta Body Healing Liquid 500ml. Bodicare Stametta Body Healing Liquid 500ml helps strengthen the immune system and relieve various conditions. These include menstruation, lower back and joint pain, fatigue, gum disorders, sexual performance, flatulence, digestive problems and constipation. It can also strengthen bones and muscle tissue.

What is stametta used for?

Stametta has no known legitimate medical use and is not approved by the drug regulatory agencies in most countries. It is manufactured by Bodicare, a South African company, which markets the formula as a “body healing liquid” and a “superior health formula”.

How does stametta work to prevent HIV infection?

These medications keep HIV from making copies of itself and spreading through the body. Stametta liquid is said to boost the immune system, by blood and cell cleansing — a declaration that has led people to believe that it can prevent HIV infection by “cleaning” the blood, washing out the virus before it takes root.

Can stametta be used to terminate pregnancy?

Sunday News can also reveal that women in Zimbabwe are also using Stametta to terminate pregnancies. Stametta is mostly used as a complementary medicine and is widely believed to help in boosting sexual performance, helping with menopause, cramps, lowering blood sugar, acne, stomach ailments and wound healing.

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